Current Oraimo AirPod Prices in Nigeria (2023)

On a normal day of May 2013, a group of people who believe in the spirit of exploring, created oraimo. From the very beginning, they wanted to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT, something that can change people’s life so that they can explore the wonderful world.

oraimo technology limited, founded in Hong Kong, is a company that specializes in R&D, design, production and sales of 3C accessories, dedicating to provide the end customers with fashionable, delicate and creative products. The designers in oraimo are all from France.

Current Oraimo AirPod Prices in Nigeria (2023)

If you’re looking for a low-cost, high-quality Bluetooth earbud, look no further than Oraimo. These earbuds come with a variety of features, such as an intelligent voice assistant that can answer questions and control playback, IPX5 water resistance, and a six-hour battery life. What’s more, they’re available in a range of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your lifestyle. This post will provide Oraimo Freepod price in Nigeria and where to buy these awesome wireless stereo earbuds.

There are a lot of great wireless stereo earbuds on the market these days, but Oraimo wireless stereo earbuds stand out because of their unique design.

Rather than having two separate earpieces connected by a cable, Oraimo wireless stereo earbuds have a built-in microphone and speaker. This means that they can be used wirelessly to listen to music or audio calls without ever having to worry about connecting and disconnecting cables.

Furthermore, Oraimo wireless stereo earbuds are equipped with an ambient noise cancellation feature that blocks out all surrounding noise so you can enjoy your music uninterrupted. They also come with intelligent tracking technology that keeps the audio in sync even when you turn your head from side to side.

Overall, Oraimo FreePods are perfect for anyone who wants hassle-free listening experience when using their headphones.


Latest Oraimo Freepod (Earbuds) in Nigeria Price

  • Oraimo FreePods 3 ENC Calling Noise Cancellation TWS True : ₦15,000
  • Oraimo FreePods Pro ANC Active Noise Cancellation TWS True : ₦34,000
  • Oraimo Rock Long Playtime 2-mic ENC TWS True Wireless Earbuds : ₦9,000
  • Oraimo AirBuds 3 Powerful Bass IPX7 Waterproof TWS True Wireless : ₦12,000
  • Oraimo FreePods 3 ENC Calling Noise Cancellation TWS True : ₦15,100
  • Oraimo Riff Smaller For Comfort TWS True Wireless Earbuds : ₦11,100
  • Oraimo AirBuds 2S Super Bass TWS True Wireless Stereo Earbuds : ₦15,100
  • Oraimo FreePods 2S Half in-Ear TWS True Wireless Earbuds : ₦9,100
  • Oraimo AirBuds 2 Stereo Bass True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds : ₦12,110


  • Oraimo FreePods 3 : [₦15,000]
  •  Oraimo FreePods 2S : [₦9,500]
  • Oraimo FreePods Pro : [₦34,000]
  • Oraimo Rock Wireless Earbuds : [₦9,000]
  • Oraimo AirBuds 3 : [₦12,000]
  •  Oraimo Riff : [₦11,200]
  • Oraimo AirBuds 2S : [₦15,000]

ORAIMO FREEPODS 3 : [₦15,000]


  • 2baba tuned for Afrobeat
  • Clear Voice in Calls
  • Smart Modes in each pair
  • Incredibly Powerful Bass
  • IPX5 Waterproof
  • Intuitive Force Sensor
  • BT 5.2-Simultaneous, Low Latency
  • 3-size Eartips


oraimo freepod price in nigeria


  • Wire-Free, Hassle-Free
  • Engineered for Ultimate Comfort
  • Intuitive Audio Control
  • Unrivaled Stereo Sound
  • Up to 18 hours battery life
  • Charge As You Go
  • One-Step Pairing


oraimo airpod price in nigeria


  • Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Transparency for Ambient Awareness
  • HavyBass Dual EQ
  • 4-mic Beamforming Technology
  • Extra Long Playtime(Up to 13+30 hrs)
  • In-ear Detection
  • Pop-up Notification
  • Finely-crafted Surface


oraimo airpod price in nigeria


  • Long Lasting 24H Playtime
  • Amazing Bass Quality
  • Water Resistant for Daily Use
  • Environmental Noise Canceling for Clear Call
  • Comfortable and Secure

ORAIMO AIRBUDS 3 : [₦12,000]

oraimo freepod price in nigeria


  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Powerful Bass
  • Ensure Clear Calls
  • Ergonomic Design for a Better Fit
  • 20-hr Playtime

ORAIMO RIFF : [₦11,200]


  • Compact Design
  • Dynamic Sound
  • ENC 2-mic Technology
  • Automatically connect with your device
  • IPX4 Splash & Sweat Protection
  • Touch Control

ORAIMO AIRBUDS 2S : [₦15,000]


  • Engineered for Ultimate Comfort
  • Intuitive to Your Needs
  • One-Step Pairing
  • Up to 48 hours standby time
  • Unrivaled Stereo Sound


Hopefully, the Oraimo earbuds prices in Nigeria provided above helps you in making your choice on which Freepod to buy. There are a lot of different types of wireless stereo earbuds in the Nigerian market these days, but Oraimo earbuds are among the best.

They’re designed to provide an immersive audio experience, and they come with a built-in microphone that makes it easy to make calls or record videos. Overall, they’re an excellent option if you want an quality and affordable wireless stereo earbuds that will provide an amazing listening experience.

What is the latest Oraimo Airpods?

Oraimo AirBuds2S Super Bass True Wireless Stereo Earbuds–2021 LE. Rather than relying on sound from one ear to the other, the newly developed BT chip transmits sound to the left and right ears simultaneously for an exceptional listening experience.

How many hours does Oraimo Airpod last?

They last nearly about 3.5 hours if you are playing music or 8 hours if you are not constantly playing music but only connected to your device. It has a standby time of 3 days and a half. Each earbud comes with a 37mAh battery capacity and it takes the case 2 hours to fully charge them.

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