Create Your On-Demand Pickup & Delivery Services App in Nigeria

What is an on demand delivery app?

On-demand delivery apps are mobile software that allows you to make instant requests for delivery services. In such apps, there are two minimum user roles: Deliverer – Person, Enterprise to Person. Among the most popular on-demand delivery apps there are Uber, Airbnb, EpicDelivery.

Create your on demand pick up & Delivery app in Nigeria
Before we get into the specifics of the Create Pickup and Delivery app, here’s a quick rundown of brands that already provide the same feature or service.

Have you heard of Jumia delivery , a mobile app that allows you to get food whenever you want? You can download the app or watch YouTube videos to learn how the Jumia delivery app makes people’s life easier with its on-demand delivery service if you haven’t already.

Yes, nowadays, if you want to start your Pickup and delivery service using a mobile app, here’s something you should know- If not, let me give you a quick review of the issue.

What Is the Difference Between a Pickup and a Drop Delivery App?

We frequently leave home in a hurry to attend a meeting. However, when we arrive at the workplace, we learn that the most important file is lefts at home. How would you handle this issue if you knew you couldn’t go home to collect the file and no one at home could give it?

When you’re ready to go live, the Pickup and Delivery App assists users in getting items from a pickup point to a delivery location. It makes no difference whether it’s something you forgot or something you want to get in the shop, including food and groceries.

The Most Important On-Demand Delivery App Features

The features of the on-demand delivery app vary depending on the stakeholders mentioned in the preceding section. Let’s take a look at each one separately.

Customer App Functions

Login Page

It is the initial screen that customers see when they launch the application. They either sign up or sign in to the application to continue exploring it.


Every consumer should build and keep their profiles up to date. It is the section of the on-demand delivery app where they enter their information – name, address, contact information, preferred payment mechanism, etc.


It is a critical component of the on-demand delivery solution. Customers can use this functionality to search for what they are looking for while seeing detailed pages comprising product/service details, prices, and reviews.

Order Completion

After deciding on a product and service, the user must place or arrange the order. They have the option of ordering in real-time or scheduling the services for a later date.


Users present with many payment alternatives, including the opportunity to play at home or with their saved debit or credit cards.

Geolocation Monitoring

Customers can use this feature to see how far their order or service provider has progressed so that they can plan ahead of time.

Calling/messaging within the app

While not essential, end-users who would like to contact the provider or parent company within the application can do so via an in-app phone or messaging option.


Customers are kept up to date on the status of their orders in real-time by using this technology. It is a key app marketing technique.

Ratings and Reviews

This tool is used by users to rate as well as review the service they have received. You may provide them with the option to add remarks in addition to the availability of passing star ratings.

Admin App Functions

Content administration

The admin can use this function to update the content of the product or service, such as the pricing, contact information, and work hours, among other things.

Order administration

This part stores the data of all orders placed, shipped, and received and payment information on the system.

Features of the Delivery Personnel App

Individual Account

This feature displays the personnel’s personal information and earnings and the service details they have provided in a single view.

Calling or messaging within the app

Using this function, workers can contact end-users and ask them for directions or any other last-minute questions they may have.

Support for GPS

The delivery personnel will track the location where they must deliver the item or service in real-time.

Now we’ve covered the principles of what you want and need to know to launch the new on-demand distribution business, let us just wrap things up by talking about the issues you might encounter on your journey.

How Does the Pick Up And Delivery App Work?

An on-demand pickup, as well as delivery app solution, employs a straightforward approach. Anyone can place orders and have them delivered to a specific area with a few clicks.

Customers must login into the delivery app, add products to their cart, choose a payment method, and submit their purchase directly.

Vendors accept orders using a pickup and delivery app, prepare them, and then assign them to the nearest provider for Pickup and delivery.

Delivery providers will accept or reject orders based on their availability. Once accepted, delivery agents will proceed with the on-demand Pickup and delivery.

Delivery agents can use the Pickup and delivery application map to identify the shortest possible route and reach clients to give over the goods.

Customers can rate and provide comments on the food quality and other aspects using the white label on-demand delivery app.

Wrapping Up

As people’s requirements change, so does technology. Start Pickup and Delivery Business is one of the best instances of how technology makes our life easier and smarter. You can be fully assisted in incorporating a pickup and delivery option into your food, grocery, or multi-delivery app.

How do I make a pickup and delivery app?

How to create a Delivery app and in-Store Pickup

  • Get everything you need ready for your app
  • Start your Pick-Up & Delivery app
  • Add your products to your Delivery app
  • Design your Delivery app
  • Add your business information to your Delivery app
  • Customize your transactional emails and push notifications.

How much does it cost to create a delivery app?

How much does a mobile app development cost for an on-demand delivery app? Let’s calculate the final price to create an on-demand delivery app. You need at least $167,450 for one platform (iOS or Android) and $202,450 for two platforms (iOS and Android).

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