Characteristics of Government Publication In Nigeria

The Federal government of Nigeria is composed of three distinct branches: legislative, executive, and judicial, whose powers are vested by the constitution of Nigeria in the National Assembly, the President, and the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, respectively.

How is Nigeria federal?

Nigeria is a federal republic modelled after the United States, with executive power exercised by the President. The president is both head of state and head of the federal government; the president is elected by popular vote to a maximum of two four-year terms.

Why government publication is important?

Government Publications provide an official record of official activity and rationale for such activity. They reflect policy making and changes in governance. They provide information that might not be possible unless undertaken by government such as the population census.

Characteristics of government publication in Nigeria

What are the characteristics of the government?


  • Power to make laws and regulations
  • Power to defend the country

What are the characteristics of the government?

  • Power to make laws and regulations
  • Power to defend the country
  • Power to collect taxes
  • Power to create jobs
  • Power to decide how much money should be in circulation
  • Power to spend money on public goods and services such as education, healthcare, and security
  • Power to collect taxes
  • Power to create jobs
  • Power to decide how much money should be in circulation
  • Power to spend money on public goods and services such as education, healthcare, and security.

What is a government publication?

What are Government Publications – Information and Documents. Specifically: those issued or published by the executive, legislative, and judicial functions of government at all levels – international, national, federal, local governmentbodies and intergovernmental bodies.

What do government publications include?

Specific forms of government information includelegal information, proceedings of legislative bodies such as Parliament or Congress, annual reports of government bodies, reports of commissions of enquiry and so on, and statistics.

How do you know if something is a government publication?

Look for general or legal news stories that might give clues to help identify and find the publication. Use LexisNexis, Westlaw, BNA’s daily topic newsletters, or Google News. Search library catalogs: Gallagher Law Library, UW Libraries, or UW Law Worldcat.

What is the official government publication called?

Government publications are exactly what the name says: all publications published by the government. These include law reports, statutes, government gazettes, etc.

What do you mean by publication?

To publish is to make content available to the general public. The word publication means the act of publishing, and also printed copies issued for public sale.

Are government documents scholarly?

Government documents and governmentwebsites are generally considered authoritative, credible sources of information. Many are scholarly, and some are even peer-reviewed!

Why is it important to use scholarly sources?

Because of the level of authority and credibility evident in scholarly sources they contribute a great deal to the overall quality of your papers. Useof scholarly sources is an expected attribute of academic course work.

What qualifies as a scholarly source?

Scholarly sources are written by academics and other experts and contribute to knowledge in a particular field by sharing new research findings, theories, analyses, insights, news, or summaries of current knowledge. Books, articles, and websites can all be scholarly.

Is CNN a scholarly source?

Or, if popular magazines are E! News, and serious magazines are CNN, then scholarly journals are PBS; not a lot of flash but a lot of information. Articles in journals are where original research shows up. They are written by experts, usually university faculty or research scientists.

How do you know if its a scholarly source?

The article is most likely scholarly if:
  • The source is longer than 10 pages.
  • Has a works cited or bibliography.
  • It does not attempt to persuade or bias the reader.
  • It attempts to persuade or bias the reader, but treats the topic objectively, the information is well-supported, and it includes a works cited or bibliography.

What are examples of non scholarly sources?

Characteristics of government publications in Nigeria
Non scholarly sources
inform and entertain the public (e.g. popular sources such as newspapers, magazines) or allow practitioners to share industry, practice, and production information (e.g. trade sources such as non-refereed journals published for people working in the teaching profession).

What is non-scholarly?

Nonscholarly sources are intended to do several things: to provide general information, to entertain, to sell products, or to promote a viewpoint. These articles are commonly written by journalists, freelance writers or staff members and can be anonymous.

What are some examples of scholarly sources?

Scholarly and Popular Sources
Authors: Experts such as scientists, faculty, and historians
Examples: Journal of Asian History, New England Journal of Medicine, Chemical Reviews, Educational Psychologist; books from University presses such as Oxford University Press and the University of California Press

What are the example of scholarly articles?

Some examples of scholarly journals are Journal of Business Ethics , Personnel Psychology , Elementary School Journal , Journal of Organizational Behavior , and Nursing Science Quarterly . This category of journals is much more acceptable for research in the academic setting.

What are some types of articles?

In English there are three articles: a, an, and the. Articles are used before nouns or noun equivalents and are a type of adjective.

Are government publications primary sources?

Government Documents as Primary Sources

As primary sources these official governmental publications provide insight into all aspects of history from social issues to politics, from cultural mores to scientific endeavor.

What type of source is a government document?

Primary sources
Primary sources defined

Primary sources provide first-hand, original information. Primary sources may include, but are not limited to laws and legislation, Acts of Congress, court cases, rules and regulations, government documents (such as congressional hearings), etc.

What are three necessary characteristics of government?

Every government has three basic types of power. These include the legislative power to make laws, the executive power to enforce laws, and the judicial power to interpret laws and settle disputes.

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