Chandelier Lights Price in Nigeria

A chandelier which is also known as girandole, candelabra lamp, or least commonly suspended lights) is a branched ornamental light fixture designed to be mounted on ceilings or walls.

Chandeliers are often ornate, and normally use incandescent light bulbs, though some modern designs also use fluorescent lamps and recently LEDs.
Chandelier Lights Price in Nigeria

One way to make a statement with lights in your home or establishment is by installing chandelier lights. They glitter while setting the tone of any room they are placed in. It is almost impossible to neglect chandeliers when you step into a room.

The general notion about chandeliers is that they are always very costly. That is not entirely true and we will prove that to you in this post. We will show you the different kinds of chandeliers available on the market and how much they cost.

Prices of Chandelier Lights in Nigeria

Picking the right chandelier is all about picking the right type of chandelier for your specific lighting intent. Is the style or design of the chandelier your motive? Is it the type of lighting the chandelier will provide? Or maybe it’s the finish? Here you will be able to see the difference between the many different types of chandeliers.

Chandelier Design & Style

One of the most exciting aspects of being in the market for a chandelier is the discovery of a style that you adore for your home.

To match your home’s design, consider the following types of chandelier design and which one might fit your home the best. In simple terms, chandelier lights are those light fixtures that hang from ceilings.

However, not every light fixture hanging from a ceiling is a chandelier. For us to regard a light fixture as a chandelier it has to feature multiple lamps. Also, it should have more than one layer and be used as ambient lighting.

There are so many types of chandelier lights on the Nigerian market. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We have come up with a price list after surveying the market on your behalf. Check them out below:

  • Quality Choice Modern Chandelier – N35,000 – N42,000
  • Creative Loft European Retro Globe Chandelier Light – N7,500 – N11,000
  • LED Ceiling Chandelier Light – N79,950 – N100,000
  • Wall Lamp Chandelier – N20,000 – N48,000
  • LED Pendants Chandelier Light – N53,000 – N65,000
  • Spiral Ceiling Chandelier Dropping Light – N39,900 – N50,000
  • Wall Pendant Chandelier Dropping Light – N59,999 – N70,000
  • Hexagon LED Ceiling Chandelier Light – N24,999 – N35,000
  • Quality Choice 3-in-1 Pendant Ceiling Chandelier Light – N31,950 – N57,000
  • Quality Crystal Luxury Chandelier Light – N86,700 – N120,000
  • Quality Luxury Chandelier Light (Silver Color) – N49,000 – N60,000
  • Quality Luxury Chandelier Light (Gold Color) – N78,000 – N105,000

Note that these prices may differ depending on your location and the vendor. With this out of the way, let’s look at some important information about chandeliers.

Types of Chandeliers By Function

There are several types of chandeliers as you would have seen from the list above. In this section, we will look at the classification of chandeliers according to their function.

Uplight chandeliers

The chandeliers in this category, just like their name suggests, focus their light upwards. This means that the lights bounce off the ceiling to reflect around instead of directing the lights downward.

Downlight chandeliers

These chandeliers are the direct opposite of the uplight chandeliers. They present us with the traditional or regular style of any chandeliers. In this case, the light is directed downwards without any obstruction. Downlight chandeliers are ideal when there is a need for direct and focused light in a room.

Ambient chandeliers

Asides from downlight chandeliers, all other chandeliers aren’t designed for lighting up a room. What they are meant for is adding to the ambience of a room. This means that any chandelier that is installed for improving ambience is known as ambient chandeliers.

Chandeliers by Finish

As with style, you want to determine whether you want your chandelier’s metal finish or glass color to coordinate or contrast with the surrounding furnishings and any other light fixtures. For example, a chrome chandelier can actually work well with wall sconces in bronze, as long as they have similar design styles.
Chandelier Lights Price in Nigeria

Things To Consider When Choosing Chandeliers

You don’t just walk into a store and purchase any chandelier that you see. There are certain factors that you must consider before making such a purchase. In this section, we will discuss the most pressing of these factors.

position of the chandelier

This is the first thing that you must consider before buying a chandelier. Where do you intend to install the chandelier? Your answer to this question determines what kind of chandelier you will purchase.

Purpose of the chandelier

We have described the three different types of chandeliers by the function above. You must first determine the purpose of the chandelier before you decide on which one to buy. For example, if you need a chandelier that will also light up a room, you need a downlight chandelier. Figuring this out makes it easier to narrow down your choices.

Installation height

You don’t just install chandeliers at any height, there are specific prescriptions. For example, a chandelier installed in your dining room should be just about 30 inches above the table. This will make it possible for everyone to see their food and each other’s faces without stress. In other rooms, you must consider the ceiling height so that people don’t walk into your chandeliers.

At its essence, a chandelier is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. While most will commonly use it in the dining room, chandeliers can be used to create a statement in any room such as the living room, bedroom, and patio. Chandeliers feature multiple lamps, often in multiple tiers, and are used for ambient lighting.

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