Bottled Water Machine Price in Nigeria

The Nigerian Economy outlook Analyst projected a growth of 1.3% in 2019, which is down 0.1 percentage points from 2017. They foresaw a 3.0% expansion in 2018 which translated to a sort of rebound.

This forecast will see a slight improvement in earnings in the Table Water sector in the period year 2018 to 2022 as against previous years. This analysis shows why the bottle water business has grown to be a source code to many entrepreneurs in nigeria.

Bottled Water Machine Price in Nigeria

Some two years back, at least 50 million bottles of water were consumed in Nigeria on a daily basis, which amounted to 18 billion annually. With the population of Nigeria which is over 180million, it is estimated that about 30% of the Nigerian Population conservatively takes a bottle of water daily amounting to about 50 million bottles daily.

Now in order to start up a bottle water business, you will need a bottle water machine. This equipment is highly important as without it there is no business in hand. In this post, you will get to see how much a bottle water machine goes for in the nigerian market space.

 Prices Of Bottle Water Machines in Nigeria

There are various types of bottle water machines out there in the market space. The only difference among them all is the capacity of the machine i.e (the amount of bottles each machine can bottle up per hour). listed below are the types of bottle water machines in Nigeria.

Automatic Bottle Water Machine

  • Straight line bottling machine
  • 12 filling nozzles
  • 12 washing heads
  • 1 capping head
  • Steam labeling
  • Highly efficient
  • Price5.5million (NGN) —- 6.5million (NGN)

Automatic Bottled Water Machine

  • Automatic Bottling line
  • 12 washing heads
  • 12 filling heads
  • Conveyor line
  • Single capping machine
  • Price3.2million (NGN) —- 4million (NGN)

Water Bottling Machine

  • Monobloc 8-8-3
  • 3000 bottles per hour
  • Designed for hygienic water production
  • Bottles production between 50CL and 1.5L
  • Water Rinsing, bottling & Capping Machine
  • Price — 7.5million (NGN) — 8.5million (NGN)

Bottled Water Machine Price in Nigeria BwP

Automatic Bottled Water Machine with Automatic Cap Loader

  • Monobloc 8-8-3
  • 8 washing heads
  • 3 capping heads
  • 8 filling nozzles
  • 4000 to 6000 bottles per hour
  • Fully capable of bottling other liquids
  • Price —- 5million (NGN) — 6million (NGN)

Things to Consider When Choosing a Water Bottling Machine

There is no doubt what so ever, about the task of setting up a water bottling plant can turn out to be a very huge stressful and money consuming task, especially when you are yet to fully understand all the nukes and corners it requires for setup.

This is usually the case both when you are trying to set up a new plant or even working on upgrading your existing plant.

For this reason, it then becomes very important to put everything into consideration, and give maximum attention to the water bottling machine itself.

One reason why it is very crucial to pay maximum attention to the water bottling machine is because of the fact that; the water bottling machine is what comes in direct contact with your products.

So, it is therefore required that you chose a machine that will work efficiently and in line with your product so that there won’t be any unwanted effect on the end product result.

Here are some things to be on the look out for all fully listed below >>

Consider the Accuracy of the machine

For any automated filling equipment, the accuracy of the filing line is a big plus to the overall success of the enterprise.

Why this is very crucial is because, under-filled bottles or container is an easy way to have your customers complain and agitate over incomplete service and product delivery.

On the other hand, the overfilling of your product is a sure way to product wastage, and this you can tell will definitely cost the enterprise a huge loss.

So, choosing an automatic water bottling machine is a good factor to consider since all the problems that comes with the under-filling and over-filling of product will be properly taken care of by the machine.

Consider The level of Integration into your facility

Another critical factor to consider is the seamless integration of a piece of equipment into your existing machines and overall production plant.

For instance, it may be a bit difficult to integrate a manual water bottling machine with an automatic machine.

So, it then becomes very important to make future projections about your establishment, so that you won’t end up investing in a machine that will be obsolete in no time, and won’t be able to be integrated with other machines in the future.

Consider Factor in the level of automation you require

Having the money to invest in a machine isn’t the most important thing to do. Instead, considering your production capacity and working according to that pace whenever you are purchasing a piece of equipment is key.

In doing this, you should be able to take a critical evaluation of how many bottles of water your plant will be able to handle in a week, month or even year so that you will be guided on the type of machine to invest in.

With an adequate knowledge of this, you will be able to save yourself and your establishment unnecessary expenditure from a highly automated machine, which your production capacity is way below what it is designed for.

Consider the type of container you will be using

The container to be used in packaging water in a water production plant is as important as the machine to be used in the production process.

For this reason, it then becomes very important to consider what type of container you will be using before dashing into choosing a water bottling machine.

For instance, some enterprise pack their products in tetra pack, PET bottles, or even glass bottles. And for each of this container types, there are specific machine that work best for them

With this at heart, you will be fully guided on what type of water bottling machine your plant needs in order to ensure that it matches your product packaging material.

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