Boomplay Music Application Review

You do know that sony’s catalogue is now available on boomplay yeah! like all of sony’s playlist and all that will be on there and every other song obviously. Still, boomplay is the #1 music streaming and download service in Africa, the platform gives you unlimited access to a lot of songs. Boomplay’s vision is to build the largest and most reliable digital music ecosystem for artistes and content creators in Africa.
Boomplay Music A Buzz Feed Review for Music Lover's

You can now download your favorite African and international songs on the go, from anywhere in the world. While you troll through the boom play App, you can start with listening to the playlists or if you’d like too you can create your own playlist and interact with other music lovers by following their profiles and hearing what they are listening to. As you keep on utilizing the features, Recommended music for you based on your interests to help you discover new unheard music will be at the swipe of your thumb.

Boomplay Music A Buzz Feed Review for Music Lover's

I love videos too but a little reading and trolling wont hurt right!! so you get to Watch & download music videos, live concerts, comedies, documentaries & more on your mobile device.

Buzz & Music Community

Buzz Buzz on the go while connecting on the Boomplay App, you can also read the latest news and create your own posts to share with others. honestly, there are millions of music lovers who make use of Boomplay. Users can follow each other and see their playlists, posts and also send direct messages isn’t that just mind blowing connecting based on sounds, different genres and melodies. Its more than art and it’s more than music.

Partners with Boomplay

boomplay Boomplay Music A Buzz Feed Review for Music Lover's

Connect and explore on Boomplay through these amazing media Platforms

Believe Digital : Believe is a team of international music-loving professionals who have been handpicked from across the music industry to provide high level strategy and support to our clients. They are very flexible and they work alongside artists & labels to help them reach their goal, adhering to their needs and adapting their services to suit clients. The company understands flexibility is key in a diverse and evolving digital market-place.

Tunecore : Tunecore is probably now one of the top distribution platform in the world as clients can get their music playing in over 150 digital stores and streaming services across 100+ countries worldwide. Clients get to keep 100% of their sales this is a goldmine as Tunecore never takes a cut of your sales. Every penny you earn is put right into your TuneCore account. Using Tunecore clients will find out exactly where fans are downloading and streaming their music so they can increase marketing efforts and plan tours around those cities.

Africori  : Africori delivers to clients a network of 200+ international and African platforms. Having gone through it’s thick and thin for the past ten years in Africa, they now understand the unique environment of the African market and have built the network to match it. A dope platform to check out.

M .A .D : This is my Favorite distribution platform ; Mad Solutions has been at the forefront of creating Value added service products that support individuals, business and enterprise Objectives. With Business operations in Nigeria and South Africa , MAD Solutions leverages the most advanced mobile application technology to keep connected to the world that has become a global digital village. They provide the most advanced Music Content aggregation platform for Content Providers and Major labels in Africa and the Caribbean, seeking to distribute licensed musical works to major streaming and download platforms worldwide. Our Aggregation service caters for Content Providers with a music catalogue of at least 1,000 songs, enabling Audio and video uploads to world wide music stores with allocated UPC/ EAN , ISRC Codes , Contributors and Music publishing metadata.
Their digital content distribution is just M.A.D oh … Because the Digital Content Distribution Service caters for Independent Artists, Record labels, content creators and management companies seeking to distribute to music stores world wide under our exclusive license deals with a revenue share of music sales. This package comes with a release strategy, Pitching to major stores and play listing , Digital Marketing & Promotions. In summary “sha” they offer Measurable Accurate and Digital Solutions
tailored and customized to their clients needs.

Try boom play, Love Boomplay.

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