Best Way to Scan Documents With Your iOS Phone in Nigeria

Can I use my iPhone as a scanner for documents?

Open the Notes app and click the paper-and-pen icon on the bottom right corner to create a new note. Tap the Camera icon and click Scan Documents. Place the document under your iPhone or iPad camera lens. An orange highlighted box will appear over the perimeter of your document and the scan will be taken automatically.

Best way to scan documents with your IOS Phone in Nigeria
Let’s glance at the way that Apple’s top phone line could replace yet another component that you use: your scanner. Scanner apps are an excellent device to have particularly in a remote work environment. It is often necessary to convert physically stored documents to digital files to distribute to customers and coworkers.

However, the traditional scanners take up lots of desk space. They can be quite expensive and may be too expensive for scanning documents that are simple also. So scanner apps that are free to install from AppStore are a good alternative to traditional scanners.

Not only installed apps, but your iPhone also lets you save, scan and transfer documents, it can do it at no cost through the built-in features of Apple’s Notes application. Let’s have a review of how fast and simple it is to digitize your documents with only the iPhone’s Notes application and camera.

How do you scan images and documents on your iPhone?

This article will discuss two methods of scanning documents. One method involves notes, and the second one employs a third-party scanner app for documents.

Method 1

  • Open Notes, and create a new Note. Start the Notes application that Apple offers in iOS and click on the Create Note button at the bottom right side of the screen. It is also possible to add scans to an existing note.
  • Open the document scanning interface. If you’ve created a new note as you did in the first step the keyboard will instantly be displayed. When it’s displayed it’s possible to tap the camera icon to the right and then “Scan documents”. If you’re adding the scan into an already-existing note you can simply open the note and search for the same icon on the lower right of your screen. The process is the same as before: tap the icon for a photo and click “Scan Docs.”
  • When you click “Scan documents” the app will show the view of your camera on the rear and start looking for documents within the view. If it comes across something that it believes to be an actual document, it’ll take a picture (making the sound of shuttering if your iPhone is not on silent)

Notes app is capable of compensating for images that are not at the right angle. It can also alter the captured image in order to flatten it through digital processing. The result is generally satisfactory, however, they may include distortion, particularly when images with high details are included within the document. It is still recommended for your documents to be level and in line with your, iPhone to get the best outcomes.

If you’d prefer the control your scanning manually then you can use the “Auto” toggle to change the “Manual” setting. In this mode, scans are only captured when you press the shutter.

After a scan is taken using “Manual” mode You’ll also be able to adjust the bounding box to align the corners and sides of the paper. This can be useful when “Auto” mode struggles to find the edges of documents or when you just want to scan a specific portion of a larger file. Once you’re satisfied with the location of the bounding box then press “Keep Scan” for it to be added to the library.

  • Save the scanned document in your notepad. You can click the “Save” button located at the right-bottom of the screen.
  • When you click “Save,” you’ll be offered the option to identify your note by entering it in the red field above. If you’re satisfied with the name, click “Done” on the upper-right of the screen for saving your notes.
  • After you’ve saved and captured all the pages you’d like in a particular document, you can modify it in a variety of ways. There are options for cropping and rotating images, changing the color of the image, and much more. If you’re ready to share your completed document, just tap your traditional iOS Share button.

Method 2

Scan using other software or a third-party app.

Technostacks developed QuickScan’s scanning software which has similar controls however, it has a more refined design and export.

The most well-known and fully-featured of these apps is the QuickScan document scanner application. It is free, and it allows you to scan and save pages in a form that lets you copy the text from the PDF, similar to the Preview app, as well as other PDF-reading applications.

The reason I am a fan of this document scanner app is for its wholesome scanning experience and powerful edit and OCR features. Get all the detailed information about QuickScan Document Scan App on the internet.


What format are the scanned files saved in?

Scans made within Notes can be saved in .pdf files. When you use the QuickScan App, the scan can be saved in .pdf, .jpg, and .png. The latter is the more popular document format used to send documents, particularly those with several pages.

It permits the document to be edited to use for tasks like requesting the signature of a person, allowing them to fill in necessary fields electronically, and many other things. It is also able to be opened on any type of desktop or mobile device by using the software integrated into iOS and Android.

Does iPhone have a free scanner?

If you have an iPhone, are in dire need of a PDF scanner, and don’t want to download a new app, you can scan by using your pre-installed Notes app. Simply tap on the camera icon, choose “Scan Documents,” and follow the prompts.

Where do my scanned documents go on iPhone?

By default, the documents you scan using Notes aren’t stored anywhere on your iPhone except the Notes app. Don’t worry if you can’t find the scanned documents on your iPhone or iPad after scanning a pile of printed documents. That’s because documents scanned using Notes stay within the particular note in the Notes app.

Is Adobe Scan safe to use?

If you are looking for a trustworthy app to scan a variety of document types and save them as PDF files, then the free version of Adobe Scan is worth a look. Overall, even with its limitations, it is trustworthy and does not give you the feeling that your data is being sold off to a third party with constant ads.

What is Genius Scan for iOS?

Genius Scan is a document scanner app in your pocket. Quickly scan your paper documents on the go and export them as multi-page PDF files. Place any document in front of your device’s camera: our scanner app automatically recognizes the paper against the background, crops it, and cleans up the result.

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