Best Selling Car Websites in Nigeria

The days of setting aside a Sunday afternoon to browse every used car lot in town are over. Whether you’re shopping locally or nationwide, there is a long list of websites that put thousands of listings right at your fingertips.

The mammoth selection of used or perhaps new cars available online can get a little bit confusing, especially when you start seeing ads written in capital letters, or lacking key information about a car like its condition and its mileage.

That’s why some used car sites stand out above the rest by making the buying process as straight-forward as possible.

However, there are host of websites in Nigeria to sell your car online hassle free. whether it’s a used car, second hand or tokunbo car, these car selling websites below are okay and can be relied upon to purchase a car from.

Best Selling Car Websites in Nigeria

Well, you’ve got to know that the process of getting the right car from the right source in a convenient and stress free manner with these sites are almost same as they have continued to deliver to the public reliable service to earn public trust.

You can browse these virtual car lots from the comfort of your living room; you don’t even need to put anything on. The best used car sites show you listings, but they also provide key information about a specific vehicle’s condition, features, and ownership history.

Here are the sites you should check out when shopping for a used car or New car in Nigeria.

CAR 45

Few sites surpass when it comes to advanced search tools. Like most sites on our list, but car 45 has made quite an impression in the nigerian market space, as their initial search lets you choose the make, model, and price of your desired used cars. It also lets you filter your results based on fuel economy and a host of other parameters.

On their site, you can see bidding for cars in real time going on actively. So if you are a car seller or want to purchase new or even used car, you should also try this platform.


Carmudi just recently changed it’s name to “jumia Car”. This platform is said to be one of the largest online sellers of cars in the country with reputable car dealers and private sellers available on the site.


Through the carxus, you will find out that this particular website don’t just sell cars alone but other range of vehicles like trucks, boats, and motorcycle.


Cheki handles car sales with a lot of car dealers and it is a great market space for buying and selling of cars. With cheki the process of purchasing cars online is easy at affordable prices according to your budget which is great.


Jiji has made quite the impression proven to be a trusted platform for purchasing or selling cars too among other items. Jiji may look similar to other sites here at first glance, but it has a leg up on the competition when it comes to mobile connectivity. Although the jiji website is okay and easy to use, whatever is your price range for a car, jiji serves the car that suites you.

Nigeria Car Mart

This is another good platform to purchase cars from. You can request for any car model you choose even if it’s not on the platform and their agents will get back to you. Still, while using the Nigeria car mart platform you also can be connected to a car dealer near you or a private seller near you.

Inspired Autos

These guys right here are more than a car dealership site as they offer a wide range of services which involves selling brand new cars, or used cars as well as offering repair services and car diagnostics, sales of tracking systems. Based on customer reviews and ratings they are quite good.

Affordable Cars

Affordable cars was launched in 1997 and they’ve got offices at ikeja and lekki. The site offers quality services for both sellers and buyers. They also run repairs and car maintenance services.

Wrapping Up

If you don’t feel comfortable purchasing from any of the sites listed above, feel free to visit you car dealer close to you or an offline car dealer with an online presence or better still, get a private one.

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