Best Price of White POP Cement In Nigeria (2023)

White Portland cement or white ordinary Portland cement (WOPC) is similar to ordinary, gray Portland cement in all aspects except for its high degree of whiteness. Obtaining this color requires substantial modification to the method of manufacture, and because of this, it is somewhat more expensive than the gray product.

Best Price of White POP Cement In Nigeria
White Portland cement is used in combination with white aggregates to produce white concrete for prestige construction projects and decorative work. White concrete usually takes the form of pre-cast cladding panels, since it is not economical to use white cement for structural purposes. White Portland cement is also used in combination with inorganic pigments to produce brightly colored concretes and mortars.

Ordinary cement, when used with pigments, produces colors that may be attractive, but are somewhat dull. With white cement, bright reds, yellows and greens can be readily produced. Blue concrete can also be made, at some expense.

The pigments may be added at the concrete mixer. Alternatively, to guarantee repeatable color, some manufacturers supply ready-blended colored cements, using white cement as a base. To be “white”, the powdered material must have a reflectance value (“L value”) in excess of 85%. A particular success in the use of WOPC and added pigments is monocouche renders.

White cement is far more expensive that ordinary cement, and that’s why it’s not used for routine construction works. The primary difference between white cement and POP (Plaster of Paris) is their composition. White cement is made from limestone and clay, while Plaster of Paris is made of gypsum. As far as the strength goes, cement is stronger when compared to Plaster of Paris.

Price of White POP Cement In Nigeria

In terms of rough comparison, a 25kg bag of white cement is more expensive here in Nigeria than a 50kg bag of ordinary cement. So, you can imagine how significant the price difference is.

Location is major determinant of prices of products and services in Nigeria, and white cement is no exception. You’d certainly pay more for a bag of white cement in places like Lagos and Abuja than you’d do in places like Daura or Oshogbo.

Best Price Of White POP Cement In Nigeria

Now, let’s look at current prices of white cement in Nigeria.

  • Super White Cement (25kg) === N3,000 – N3,500
  • High Quality White Cement (40kg) === N5,000 – N6,500

The prices of white cement in Nigeria vary based on a number of factors. These include package quantity, product quality and brand, and location.

It goes without saying that a 40kg bag of white cement would be more expensive than a 25kg bag. And just as we have slight differences in the price of ordinary cement among the major manufacturers in Nigeria, there are differences in price of white cement from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What To Know About POP Cement In Nigeria:

White cement or POP cement is not as strong as ordinary cement. And that’s because the ingredients that give ordinary cement its exceptional strength have been removed from white cement in order to keep its color white.

So, even if you’re rich enough to afford it, you simply cannot use white cement for constructing the main structures of a building. It’s simply for decorative designs.

White cement is being marketed in Nigeria with different descriptions. Some call it POP cement simply because it’s more commonly used for POP casts.

And some call it “white cement for tiles” because it’s used to fill out gaps after tiling floors and walls. So, don’t get confused by these different names; they all refer to the same product.

Because white cement is significantly more expensive than ordinary cement, it’s strongly advised that you buy only what you need of it at a time.

You sure don’t want a situation where you’d buy more than you need and then run into storage problems. A little exposure to weather elements, and your white cement is rendered useless. So, get your estimations right before hitting the market.

White POP Cement Specifications

White Portland cement differs physically from gray cement only in terms of its color. Its setting behavior and strength development are essentially the same as that expected in gray cement, and it meets standard specifications such as ASTM C 150 and EN 197.

In practice, because much white cement is used in pre-cast concrete products, it is commonly made to a high-early strength specification such as ASTM C 150 Type III. This aids concrete manufacturers’ production rate. Higher potential strength also helps to counteract the strength-diminishing effects of pigment addition

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