Best Portable Heater & Prices in Nigeria

How quickly a heater warms a room, and how evenly the heat is distributed is pretty very essential when you are interested in purchasing a portable heater.

Best Portable Heater & Prices in Nigeria

Nigeria is known for its sunny days for the most part of the year, but of course, it gets really chilly down during this time, especially towards the end of the year or the beginning of a new year.

So just in case you are not traveling to your vacation home for the holidays ahead where you can setup a fire place, you can always get by with a good quality portable heater.

I am a firm believer that you don’t need to break the bank to invest in a decent heater.

And when you want to purchase one you should be checking features when shopping, these features include digital displays, timer functions and remote control functionality, all of which make it easier to crank up the heat without having to emerge from your blanket or bed.

Colder times are coming, but don’t bother about it, because in this post, you’ll know some brilliant portable heaters guaranteed to take the edge off the long days ahead.

Heat is transmitted one of three ways, and almost all portable heaters make use of all of these or two out of the three.

Knowing how they do it is more than an exercise in physics; it can help you select the right appliance to suit your needs.


A ray in the infrared (electromagnetic) spectrum travels through space, creating heat energy when it passes through a solid, such as you, furnishings, objects and equipment, or a structure (such as your home).


The movement of heat energy through a fluid, either a gas such as air or a liquid such as oil or water.


The movement of heat energy through a solid, by means of direct physical contact.

And most heaters make use of all of them, to one extent or another.

Electric-coil fan heaters

The simplest and least expensive portable heaters blow air over an electrical heating element.

Ideal use : Good for quickly producing heat in a small area, such as a shed or office, so that occupants can move about in a small zone of warm air.

Best Portable Heaters in Nigeria

There are different types of portable heaters. The best portable heaters will warm up your space to that just-right level and ideally do it without a lot of noise, distraction or effort on your part.

Listed below are some of the best portable heaters in Nigeria as rated by consumers here;

  • Target
  • Arlec
  • Dyson
  • AlDi
  • Kogan
  • Dimplex

Best Portable Heater & Prices in Nigeria


ALDI typically offers a few portable heaters in its middle aisles just before the ‘cold snap’ hits every year. In recent years, it has offered a seven-fin oil heater, a 2000W tower ceramic fan heater, and a convection heater.

Some features offered include various heat settings, a turbo fan function, an adjustable thermostat, plus a 24-hour timer so you can set and forget about your heater.

Prices have previously started from around $28, with the most expensive ALDI heater costing $70. Still, you’ll have to keep an eye out for its Special Buys to see when they’re back.

Some of the different portable heaters that have featured in ALDI’s Special Buys include:

ALDI 7-Fin Oil Heater
ALDI Convection Heater
ALDI 1800W Flame Effect Heater

ALDI scored four stars for effectiveness, appearance and design, value for money and overall satisfaction.

You can purchase this brand for £55. It has reliability, functionality and quietness while operating.


This compact portable heater reminded us of the wind machines used in films to give Hollywood superstars that sexy windblown look, although that’s where the similarities end.

Its cheery ruby exterior offers a welcome alternative to the usual greys and blacks used for heaters, and the brilliant dial-style controls make it easy to fully customise the heat output.

One of the dials can be used to crank up the temperature by tiny increments, while the other allowed us to choose between half power or full power, and to use the heater with the fan or without. It is very easy to operate.

Dyson is on sale for $899

Best Portable Heater & Prices in Nigeria


Dimplex is a brand well known worldwide, it has good heating solutions, and it’s cost effectiveness is off the chart.

Most portable heater from the dimplex brand go on sale between the range of $170 — $800 respectively.

Meaco portable heater

There is also the meaco portable heater. If you are Keen to downsize your electricity bills, the Meaco’s wallet-friendly heater, which costs under £40, has a nifty motion sensor which means it will automatically turn on and off when you enter the room, minimising the risk of burning your hard-earned cash on unwanted hot air. It continues to impress.

It’s another heater which offers plenty of opportunities for customisation, whether it’s with the option to set the timer for one, two or four hours, and to switch between low and high modes.

This brand is on sale for £39.99. And it can be purchased on Amazon.

What to consider when buying a portable heater

  • Appearance
  • Functionality
  • Quietness
  • Value for money
  • Reliability
  • Effectiveness

Now you have a good idea of what brands to choose from before purchasing a portable heater for your home or office in Nigeria.

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