Best New Car Accessories To Have In Nigeria (Buyers Guide)

Buying a car is one thing and getting all the necessary accessories you’ll need is a whole different ball game entirely. In Nigeria today steps are being taken to curb road user’s who offend traffic laws and all that so i think now is the best time to get all the accessories you’ll require so as to not be a victim or get pulled up for talking over the phone while driving and other related offense there is. It is very important to realize that at the moment technology advances at a rapid rate and unless you can afford to buy a new car once or twice a year, chances are your current vehicle may be lacking some of the latest gadgets. However, in this article we are going to focus on a list of the most useful (off mall) accessories below.

Auto Best New Car Accessories To Have In Nigeria (Buyers Guide)

 1 .   Cell Phone Holder

A lot of people use their smart phones for GPS navigation and other functions all fine and good. But to keep your hands on the wheel and attention on the road, several companies offer cell phone holders that can suction to a car’s windshield. This particular unit, made by Macally, is universal and works for all phones. It has extra length, which is perfect for trucks and SUVs and can rotate a full 360-degrees. It is on sale for the price of (NGN) 6,469.2 naira.

2 .  All Weather Floor Mats

For those of us who live in Nigeria which is a region with a lot of rain, all-weather mats are a great investment to protect your car’s carpet and regular floor mats from all sorts of grime. Although car manufacturers sell vehicle specific all-season floor mats, the (off mall) industry does as well and usually for a lot less money. Check out these mats, starting at very affordable prices. In some places in Nigeria these floor mats goes on sale for at most (NGN) 7,182naira.

3 .  Convex Rear View Mirror

More vision when driving is always great and adding a larger field of view rearward mirror helps with safer driving. By adding a convex rear view mirror, blind-spots and what’s behind your car can all be seen at once with a quick glance at the mirror. This Broadway unit claims to brighten the view behind you and easily clips onto our existing mirror. It measures 17.9 x 4.7 x 1.7 inches. It is on sale in Nigeria for the price of (NGN) 7,614 naira.

4 .  Dashboard Camera

Unfortunately, insurance fraud is an issue today and without proof what actually happened during an accident, it’s hard prove you’re not at fault. A dashboard camera records everything that happens while you’re driving and provides digital video proof of what really happened if a collision occurs or if you find yourself been harassed by officials of the law or thugs. This device comes in very handy for those of us in Nigeria. It goes on sale for (NGN)28,796.4.

5 .  Dashboard Grip Mat

There’s nothing worse than having cellphones, loose change and house keys shift around your car’s cabin while driving. Grippy gel pads, like the CommuteMate DashGrip, can solve these problems by securing these items while driving. Perfect for phones, ATM cards, keys or coins it measures 6-inches by 7-inches. It’s also designed to be easily removable with no sticky residue. It’s on sale for the price of (NGN) 2,862 naira in Nigeria.

6 .  Emergency Roadside Kit

Things can go wrong in life and this is true on the road. To help with any breakdown, malfunction or accident, an emergency roadside kit is a must. This kit weighs just under four pounds and includes booster cables, a flashlight, a first aid kit, one fire extinguisher,  two D batteries, cable ties, electrical tape, pliers, a 2-in-1 screwdriver, a rain poncho, a car care guide, an accident document guide and more. It goes on sale for (NGN) 8,996.4 naira or more in some outlets close to you.

7 .  Headlight Restoration Kit

The plastic protecting headlights get weathered over time and starts to turn yellow. This can affect their performance as the amount of light projected onto the road is partially blocked. Which can lead to issues or accident. Headlight restoration kits give you back your full lighting system so you can drive safety at night and during all sorts of weather conditions. This kit from 3M includes several different pads included for a three step process that will return your vehicle’s lighting system to its optimal performance. It is sold for (NGN) 7,905.6 naira though it may vary in some off mall outlet close to you.

8 . Portable Car / Phone Charger

Battery technology has come a long way. No longer is a full-size battery needed to jump-start a car’s dead battery. New, portable options are available that can charge your phone or your car. This Whistler WJS-3000B Jump and Go Portable Jump Start Kit uses a li-poly battery and can boost a range of 12-volt vehicles, including those with V8 engines. Better yet, it can even be used to charge small mobile devices and includes an integrated flashlight. It is sold for (NGN) 21,585.6 naira in Nigeria.

9 . Seatbelt Cutter / Window Breaker

Being trapped in a car is a scary thought, and no one wants to think about it especially after an accident and especially if you’re sinking in water. Let me give you a scenario “sometime in 2019, I and my friends got stuck in a car on 3rd mainland bridge after we got hit and as the police officials were trying to get us out, which proved difficult we on the inside couldn’t do much as our driver never thought it wise to invest in a seatbelt cutter or window breaker. This simple but ingenious tool can cut your seat belt and break your window to allow for a quick escape. The efficient escape tool comes in a wide variety of fun colors and is the perfect key chain accessory for every safety-conscious person, especially parents. It costs (NGN) 3,582 naira in Nigeria.

10 . USB Charger

Most modern electronic gadgets are charged using a USB cable, but unless your car is relatively new, there may not be a USB port anywhere to be found. Luckily there are several converters available that turn a 12V outlet into an USB charging port. It is quite cheap so go get yours.

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