Best LG Air conditioners in Nigeria & Their Current Prices

LG Electronics plays a large role in the global consumer electronics industry, very soon the hot times will be here and a lot of people will be opting for a reliable and quality air conditioner of their choice but should we tell them? what better brand to purchase if not the LG brand. I mean they have been giving us quality all year round almost for a decade that’s so impressive.

The LG air conditioner is a product that gives your home a very chilled feel and it makes you stay on point without even knowing how hot it is outside.

Best LG Air conditioners in Nigeria & Their Current Pricesnigeriantech.comng

LG Air conditioners

Standard Quality Of The LG Air Conditioner

The quality of the LG air conditioner is something that can not be exaggerated because it is out there for each and everyone to see, with long lasting feature it also leaves you home chilled even for some time after it has gone off power. very user-friendly and a power brand in the electronics industry if you ask me. however, if you do a research on how fast this brand moves out, you will be surprised that the love Nigerians have for quality supersedes what is to be seen with the layman’s eyes for this reason alone i’ve got hope for my country Nigeria and also for the whole of Africa.

Depending on the level of horse power(HP), LG air conditioner can stand the test of time. this product can be relied upon for healthy and chilled room air as long as you as the owner also maintain and take care of it. All this makes the Air conditioner durable and reliable.

No Noise Pollution

Unlike most stale air conditioners after being switched on the noise that comes out of the device while its in use is not something i can explain thats because its disturbing and it kills the whole vibe of even having to own an air conditioner. But this doesn’t happen with LG just like the logo say’s “Life’s Good” this says a lot as customers priority always comes first.

No noiseless operation on this side so far the LG air conditioner is in good condition.


The LG air conditioner is very affordable, like think about it, How can a top company brand of quality still able to make it’s financial value more affordable to everyone? my guess is because they do produce for the masses so making a huge profit only comes when you deliver top notch quality. On that note, we now know for a fact that the LG company makes their products affordable and accessible for everyone and i mean literally everyone.


If you come on here and you click here >> you can get amazing mouthwatering Air conditioners that might suit your taste. The brand is so accessible that you can also call an LG Support Representative on this phone number Nigeria : 0800 9811 5454

You’ve got some inquiries and orders to make they are always there to assist you and they give you excellent customer care support and that brings return buy’s or a good referral word of mouth experience.

The LG Air conditioners are always available for sale at any electronics and home appliances market in Nigeria. There are other top brands too like panasonic and samsung too but you know LG is boss when it comes to these things.

Current Prices Of LG Air Conditioners in Nigeria 2020

The LG product are very cheap and affordable, when ever you are ready to purchase one trust me when you go outside you will find it, i mean it’s everywhere!! so you definitely can not be stressing yourself out just because you want to purchase an LG Air conditioner. You can even order it above it is that easy.

Here are the Best latest prices of the LG Air conditioners this 2020 below


  • LG Floor standing Air conditioner 3 HP==(NGN) 300,000naira – (NGN) 360,000naira
  • LG Floor standing Air conditioner 2 HP==(NGN) 220,000naira – (NGN) 240,000naira
  • LG Floor standing Air conditioner 8 HP==(NGN)1,200,000naira – (NGN) 1,300,000naira


  • LG Art Air Spilt unit Air conditioner mirror 1.5 HP==(NGN) 250,000naira – (NGN) 290,000naira
  • LG Art Air Spilt unit Air conditioner mirror 2 HP==(NGN) 290,000naira – (NGN) 350,000naira
  • LG Art cool Spilt unit Air conditioner 1.5HP Stylist==(NGN) 500,000naira – (NGN) 560,000naira
  • LG JET cool Spilt unit Air conditioner 2 HP==(NGN) 160,000naira – (NGN) 180,000naira
  • LG JET cool Spilt unit Air conditioner 1 HP==(NGN) 85,000naira – (NGN) 120,000naira
  • LG Gencool inverter Spilt unit Air conditioner 1.5HP==(NGN) 135,000naira – (NGN) 170,000naira
  • LG Gencool inverter Spilt unit Air conditioner 1 HP==(NGN) 125,000naira – (NGN) 150,000naira


  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 1.5 HP ==(NGN) 350,000naira – (NGN) 415,000naira
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 2 HP ==(NGN) 360,000naira – (NGN) 450,000naira
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 2.5HP==(NGN) 400,000naira – (NGN) 450,000naira
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 3HP ==(NGN) 550,000naira – (NGN) 630,000naira
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 4HP==(NGN) 600,000naira – (NGN) 650,000naira
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 5HP==(NGN) 800,000naira – (NGN) 900,000naira
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 5.5HP=(NGN)1,000,000naira – (NGN) 1.200,000naira

How To Ensure Proper Maintenance of the LG Air Conditioners

After you have purchased your LG Air conditioner, it is of utmost importance that you keep it clean and maintained properly. To be honest i am not surprised to hear people complain that their air conditioner stopped functioning after the warranty is over, what they are actually saying is that look i failed to maintain this device and i did not do any changes or regular check up on the air conditioner so when it stopped working and i have no clue of what to do i blame the company. To curb this read below:


  • Unplugging the Air conditioner when it is not in use : Always ensure to unplug your AC anytime you are going out for days away from home or you are not just using it, in order to save energy.
  • Ensure to Inspect the condensate Drain : This must be done at least once in a month regularly.
  • Keep coils clean all the time : The coil of an AC is the device responsible for keeping your home/room chilled always, because they assist in absorbing heat, know that the more the coil gets dirty the less effective your Air conditioner will be.
  • Check the Fins Always : All Air conditioners have fins, and they must be checked always to know if they got bent or not this is to make sure your AC is working perfectly.
  • Air Filter Change Always : This is the best way to maintain your air conditioner, as the air filter in your AC helps in preventing dirt and dust from going into the air the AC produces.  Regardless the air filter only works efficiently when they are clean so always ensure to check, clean and change your air filter at least once in a month that in turn keeps the Air conditioner in shape.

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