Best Hoverboard Prices in Nigeria

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of different hover boards on the market right now, only a few of them are actually worth your time. With that being said, hover boards are quite popular in Nigeria, although they got into the market space 5 years ago.

The demand for these personal transporters are buzzing around the world and Nigeria is no exception.

For me, my favorite is the the Razor Hovertrax 2.0. In addition to being a solid, well-built machine, it’s also designed with high-quality components that you can trust. In other words, you can be rest assured that it won’t spontaneously burst into flames and burn your house down while you sleep.

Best Hoverboard Prices in Nigeria

Hoverboard also known as a self balancing scooter is a personal transporter which has two motorized wheels lying beneath a pair of footpads, for the rider’s feet. The size of the wheels can vary between 6.5 inches and 8 inches.

Under the hood, lies a gyroscope and a sensor pad. Hoverboards can achieve travel speed between 10km / hour and 24 km / hour, depending on the terrain (either on rough surfaces or smooth ones), weight of the rider, maximum speed of model, and other factors.

This device runs on a rechargeable battery, which can provide up to 3 hours of travel after each full charge. This can be more or less depending on the model.

Prices of Hoverboards in Nigeria

hover Best Hoverboard Prices in Nigeria


  • Hoverboard Scooter with Bluetooth, 8-inch wheels — (NGN) 110,000 naira — (NGN) 165,000 naira
  • Self – balancing Electric Hoverboard, 6.5 – inch wheels — (NGN) 70,000 naira — (NGN) 120,000 naira
  • Hoverboard Scooter with LED Lights — (NGN) 130,000 naira

Hoverboard accessories & Prices in Nigeria

  • Black replacement shell cover for 6.5″ hoverboard === (NGN) 15,000 naira
  • Hoverboard charger adapter == (NGN) 6,500 naira — (NGN) 15,000 naira
  • Hoverboard motherboard == (NGN) 25,000 naira
  • Hoverboard carry backpack == (NGN) 5,000 naira
  • Hoverboard wireless Bluetooth speaker == (NGN) 7,000 naira
  • Hoverboard silicone skin protector — (NGN) 10,000 naira — (NGN) 12,000 naira

Prices of hoverboard in Nigeria vary based on the following factors :

  • Size of the wheels
  • Speed and accuracy of response to control gestures
  • Maximum speed of the model
  • Durability of the model
  • Brand trust
  • Maximum rider weight bearable
  • Climbing capacity (30 degrees or more, depending on model)
  • Maximum distance range
  • Strength of in-built rechargeable batteries
  • Additional fancy features such as Bluetooth speakers, remote control, GPS, Smartphone companion application.

Best Hoverboards for 2020

purple Best Hoverboard Prices in Nigeria

  • Halo Rover
  • Epikogo classic
  • Segway Minipro
  • Razor Hovertrax 2.0

How to choose the right hoverboard in Nigeria

From pricing and build quality to safety and avoiding knock-offs, use these tips to buy the best hoverboard for the money.

Readers of this guide almost surely have one major thing in common: They are desperately trying to make sense of this year’s unstoppable holiday hit, the so-called hoverboard.

Or rather, the smart scooter. Or perhaps the rolls-off-the-tongue two-wheeled self-balancing motorized scooter? While there’s no consensus on what to call this novel form of next-gen personal transport, everyone who tries one seems to agree they’re insanely fun to ride and (pretty) easy to figure out.

And they will inspire joy in anyone who receives one.

In Nigeria today, you should know that for any tech product to survive long-term use in Nigeria, it must tick all checkboxes with regards to durability & Power.

So here are some tips on how to choose the right hoverboard here in Nigeria.

  • Today’s hoverboards are self-balancing electric scooters. Don’t expect to levitate like Marty McFly.
  • Don’t buy a hoverboard for younger children. The typical recommended age range is 12 and up.
  • Read customer reviews on Amazon and elsewhere for comments on build quality.
  • Consider U.S.-based brands first, such as Razor, which offer both warranties and customer support.
  • Hoverboards can take a few hours to charge, so you may need to be patient.
  • These boards go from anywhere from 2 to 10 mph and most have a range of 10 to 15 miles.
  • Check how much your hoverboard weighs before you buy, to be better prepared to transport it ─ and don’t expect to climb very steep hills on it.
  • Don’t spend more than $600 — (NGN) 228,000 naira for a hoverboard unless you plan on taking it up as a sport. Entry-level models will probably give you the same thrill.
  • Check local laws or with your local police department about where you can ride and how much fines may cost.
  • Beware of knockoffs trying to pass themselves off as a major brand, and don’t purchase any hoverboard that doesn’t come with a return policy.

Do Hoverboards read your Brain?


Best Hoverboard Prices in Nigeria

Basically, all you do is shift your weight in the desired direction and you will move towards it. Riding one is pretty eerie, as the board seems to “know” where you want to go. It’s almost like it’s reading your mind.

This is, basically, the same technology that the Segway uses, but here we have no handlebars.

Wrapping up

It’s not immediately clear, though, that prices that are many times higher than low-end models are worth the investment, other than for peace of mind.

So if you feel ready to throw caution to the wind, feel free to gamble on a generic model as long as it’s got the backing of a retailer, such as Amazon.

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