Best 6 Mobile Apps to Track Your Eye Health in Nigeria

In the age of advanced technology, you seem to find a lot of applications on your cell phones which are very important to you, as more people spend time on any thing that has got a posh screen particularly, for your eyes.

However, you can choose apps that are good for your eye health and could help you avoid eye complications.

Fortunately, there a number of mobile applications that offer you some ways for you to track the health condition of your eyes.

These applications also help you to communicate with your ophthalmologists easier. However, they are no substitute for regular eye checkup. Check them out below!

Best 6 Mobile Apps to Track Your Eye Health in Nigeria


Gmail is the application that you can use to perform an email service. This app is accessible to your iPhone or iPad and your android phones as well.

This application is known for its stars or favorites, labels or tags, and its anti-spam capabilities.

While this application is free and easy for patients and doctors to use, your Gmail account is also dedicated solely for communicating with your eye doctor.

However, you can consult and other optometrists to get further information regarding your eye concerns.


Mobile applications are usually made to give you entertainment and satisfaction.

However, there are these certain applications that are vital in strengthening your communication with your ophthalmologist to help assess both your eye health and eye complications.


Many pharmacists recommend this app because it has a medication organizer, drug information, and interaction checker to maintain healthy eyes.

Just recently, the PocketPharmacist app added MedCheck that helps you check your medications.

MedCheck will then alert you about the right medicine that you have to take and its precautions and side effects as well.

The PocketPharmacist app is a popular app created by a clinical pharmacist that serves as an informative resource to help you learn about different medications especially for your eyes.

Further, PocketPharmacist allows you to list your medication in the pillbox. You can send the list from this pillbox to your pharmacist or ophthalmologist.

This application also helps the doctors to identify the necessary eye care medications and dosage.


The SightBook app was made to help you quantitatively monitor visual function, and this app is perfect for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

This application allows you to use mobile devices to perform a test on your vision such as near vision test, visual acuity, inverse acuity, color acuity, contrast, and so on.

As a patient, this application is helpful especially if you have a wet age-related macular degeneration or AMD.

It works out with your visual treatment to know whether your vision is improving or worsening.

Best 6 Mobile Apps to Track Your Eye Health in Nigeria

Pubmed on Tap

PubMed on Tap is an iPhone or iPod app that allows you to know the latest status on your medical condition, especially on your eyes.

It helps you to search life sciences and biomedical topics and save their database such as the references and pdf on your iPhone.

Eye HandBook

The ambition of this significant app is to be the ophthalmologists’ ultimate resource to help them answer their questions about a particular disease, can’t find the optokinetic drum in their office, looking up for a drug, and or something that they might learn in this app.

Eye Handbook is setting up the standard that it is useful for both you and your ophthalmologist. It provides you with more than just diagnosis and treatment sections for your eyes.

It also comes with eye atlas, eye diagrams, and patient education materials.

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