Best 10 HR Management Software in Nigeria

Human Resource Management Software is a software that is intended to automate the Human Resources process of an organization. These processes include recruitment, payroll management, performance-based appraisal, etc.

Best 10 HR Management Software in Nigeria
Inside any organization, building a great team is the most important thing required to achieve any level of success.

Hence, it is the responsibility of the Human Resource Management team of that company to make sure that a capable and hard-working team is available to that company which can work with full dedication, focuses and align themselves within that organization.

The foremost duty of every HR Department is to collect and maintain the details of every employee of the company inside a secure database where it can be viewed and used whenever required.

With the use of effective HRM software, any organization can perform any of the Human Resources processes very effectively. With the use of the right HRM software, a company can make sure that the right employees joins the company.

How HR Professionals can build a Better Workforce

Human Resource professionals sometimes struggle to get the most from their best workforce. You may have plenty of applicants but not enough candidates with the right combination of skills, experience, work ethic and attitude to be top performers.

The goal of any HR Manager should be to ultimately help their company become an employer of choice and encourage employee engagement.

It is not simple and does not happen overnight but your company can build a reputation as an employer of choice.

Leadership and vision are required from those heading the company and for everyone to actively make an effort. You’ll need the right HR software or solution.

The reward is worth the effort. Top employers tend to have more engaged employees and better recruiter results. By starting smoothly, you make a great first impression for the candidate, making your organisation their company of choice.

Use HR Software to Keep Your Employees Happy

By taking a holistic view of employee time and attendance, you can track which departments are struggling with people management and where additional support may be required for employees to gain genuine job satisfaction and feel valued by your business.

Using the right Human Resource software also allows you to plan ahead for any surprise requirements, should there be an increase in demand for products or services like when a seasonal or new product or service launches.

Find Solution That Work for your Business

A solution that works with the software you use enables your business to grow faster and more efficiently.

An ideal HR solution must make up part of your everyday tools and is something that is used to help you do the best job possible.

Most importantly, the Human Resource software or solution that you use should help you serve employees who are key to the lasting success of your business.

Best 10 HR Management Software in Nigeria

In this article, we will list the best ten Human Resource Management Software which the new-age startups, as well as the established companies, can adopt for automating human resource tasks with it.

So dear HR Managers, Nurture talents, help people collaborate while maintaining an engaged and productive workforce.

  • Pay com Software

This is a cloud-based Human Capital Management Software. It provides facilities such as time and labor management, talent acquisition, HR management, etc.

It is the only HR technology solution provider that provides the facility to store all the employee data in a single database and stored in a secure location.

  • Namely

It is the best Human Resource Management Software. It is a cloud-based software that is solely intended for mid-sized businesses.

Its points of attractions are features such as document storage and management, dashboards which are easily customizable, audit-able trails, attendance, and time tracking, payroll management, etc.

It has a central news feed that keeps all the connected and involved users informed about the latest company news.

  • Career Plug

This software enables the entrepreneurs and the recruiters to make the best hiring decisions.

It enables the Human Resource department to hire the best talent for the company by providing a great set of tools such as the job posting distribution, interview scheduling, communicating via the emails, prescreening questions and the assessments for the candidates.

  • Just works

Just works is one of the best PEO (Professional Employer Organization). It provides an array of useful features such as the automatic deposition of the payroll, automatically paying the vendors and the contractors, real-time updates to the company information, storage of the company’s important documents in a safe location

  • Paycor

It is designed to meet the needs of the SMBs. It is suited for almost all types of industries and it can also be customized to meet the needs of industries like the Healthcare and the Restaurant.

  • Zoho People

This is a labor-management software that makes processes like the attendance-tracking, performance evaluation, expense reporting, etc., easy.

It provides support in 12 languages. It can be easily integrated with other expenses and HRM solutions. It makes the time and attendance tracking easy with a great set of tools. One can easily create custom forms using the simple drag and drop functionality.

  • Ascentis

Ascentis is targeted for the mid-ranged companies of any market. It automates almost all the Human Resources processes and eliminates almost all the manual work which was earlier supposed to be performed by human labor.

  • Time Forge

TimeForge is aimed at providing the companies the ability to flex and the easiness to manage the Human Resources process.

It provides features such as employee scheduling, human resources, and daily time punches.

It provides a great leave management system that automatically calculates the Paid Time Off, sick leave, etc.

  • Oracle PeopleSoft

Oracles’ PeopleSoft is designed to provide solutions to the most complex and important business problems. The main aim of Oracle’s PeopleSoft is to increase the productivity of the businesses and to accelerate human efficiency.

  • Zenefits

It is a cloud-based HRM software that is targeted especially for small and mid-sized businesses.

It also provides the ability to the users to view a company’s structure via the company org chart. Any changes to the title, position, etc. can be easily viewed via the org chart.

Wrapping up

Effective tracking right from the start, through to the recruitment and hiring process and during your employees’ entire career progression, is vital to keeping your workforce happy and productive.

Automated time and attendance features allows you to gain insight into your employees’ working patterns: how much overtime employees work, how much leave they use and which departments have higher absence rates than normal.

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