Benefits of Healthcare Apps in Nigeria

Mobile applications allow providers to effectively streamline communication between patients, providers, and their caregivers and allows for 24/7 management of a patient’s condition along with the ability to personalize healthcare per patient.

The power of accessing anything anywhere at any time is what mobile technology offers to shape our future and health goals. Whether it is about to keep a tab on sleeping patterns or diagnosis of any physical ailments, the health-based apps have now become a norm to provide better care and health facilities right at the fingertips of the users.

Benefits of Healthcare Apps

This seems impressive as the market size is growing to four-time its size between 2012 and 2020. The Healthcare segment, which is an inevitable part of the country’s economy, is poised for an unprecedented growth owing to the proliferation of the smart devices and the gigantic growth of the Internet users across the globe.
Undoubtably, just as in the developed countries are improving also in Africa, with Nigeria to be precise the technology advancements & innovations will be putting a halt to the endless lines in the hospital hall, the desperation of patients to get inside the doctor’s chamber and hurdles of arranging diagnostic tests that need a proper monitoring of past health conditions.

Creating and managing efficient and reliable Mobile Apps in healthcare dedicated to different categories including emergency care, healthy lifestyle and fitness, general hospital appointment, clinical and diagnostic assistants, and medication tracking are not only disrupting the way healthcare is delivered but also helping clinicians/physicians to take decisions proactively.

Benefits of Healthcare Apps

Here are some of the top benefits of using mobile applications for health care industry below ;

Efficiency :

The first benefit of developing healthcare apps is that it increases the efficiency of the doctor’s office. Doctors know that talking to their patients is only part of them taking care of their patients.

Some of the other parts of caregiving include maintaining a good inventory at the doctor’s office, managing all of the resources, and knowing what supplies need to be available to patients at all times.

Enable immediate access to Care :

In today’s time, getting access to said care on demand is what exactly a patient demands to overcome the health issues in some non-emergency medical situations remotely.

This can save a lot of costs as patients can find and book appointments with doctors in just a few taps and get access information in a jiffy. In some instances, users can set up a home-visit and communicate with experts via audio/video chat. A lot of healthcare mobile apps are available in the market that facilitates users to book appointments and ask questions related to health issues round the clock.

Reduced Risk of Diagnostic errors :

An error in the medical diagnosis of a person can cause severe damage to a patient’s health condition. Healthcare mobile apps possessed with intelligent diagnostic capabilities can reduce the error rate and provide drug predictions.

The feature is not limited to accurate diagnosis, the healthcare mobile app development companies integrate additional features that also help physicians to use mobile applications with cloud facilities to store patient records. Thus, errors coming from poor deduction from patient history or mixed/missing records can be minimized to a great extent.

Assist patients take ownership of their health :

The upsurging wave of health wearables and fitness trackers have promised self-monitoring capabilities that patients can leverage to monitor their health conditions on a consistent basis. It is not only giving them ownership to monitor their health to stay active but also helping them to achieve better results.

With these powerful gizmos, users are becoming more committed to whatever exercise/activity they are on by making conscious decisions, which in turn, help them to avoid any diseases or health issues. Metrics that users can track through such wearables are exercise routines, diet regime, calorie consumption, heartbeat, diabetes, and so on.

Benefits of Healthcare Apps app

Easy access to healthcare :

Healthcare apps provide caregivers immediate access to the things that they need to know. This is something that most healthcare centers and hospitals are going to want just in case the patient is having an emergency.

When an emergency happens, the doctor is going to need to know about any of the medications that the patients might be taking. Through the app, a person will also be able to easily make an appointment at a doctor’s office.

Streamlining the clinical process :

As a forecast says, the IoT(internet of things) healthcare market is about to reach $136.8 billion by 2021, it is quite apparent that medical practitioners/ clinicians are heavily investing in the innovative healthcare app ideas to bring a sea change in the industry.

There is no second thought that IoT technology has simplified the task of healthcare professionals by enabling to get access to all the information and data on their smart devices which are connected with the patient’s body to monitor vital parameters.

In addition, the IoT fusion with healthcare has given a way to better manage the resources. The medical staff can keep a tab on their large stocks easily and maintain it systematically.

Cater to Patient Customization :

Every patient entails a unique list of past health records and that is why he requires specific attention and obviously a different treatment.

To customize treatment for each patient would be tiresome, especially in the cases when there is a horde of patients to deal with. With customized mobile apps, physicians can quickly walk through a patient’s medical records, provide tailored treatment, pinpoint solutions for each patient.

Payments with ease for health care :

Another benefit of healthcare apps is that it is going to be a lot easier for patients to make healthcare payments. This is something that a lot of healthcare facilities are experiencing problems with.

When mobile payment is available, patients will be able to choose a payment plan and make all of his or her payments according to the recorded appointments and visits made to the doctor or the hospital.

Wrapping up

The healthcare industry in Africa is going under massive transformation by leveraging the power of mobile technology and the latest healthcare mobile apps trends. So creating a mobile app, per your requirements and specifications, is the right move in order to move us forward. Healthcare which is skyrocketing pertaining to the myriad downloads of health-specific apps per day. Whether it is about the predictive maintenance of the operational beds or diagnosis of vital health parameters. Still with the help of Kritikal solutions they can help turn your ideas into a much needed mobile application.

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