Benefits of Concrete Building Blocks In Nigeria

One of the major advantages of concrete hollow blocks is their high durability. Concrete hollow blocks are compacted by high pressure and vibration, which make the blocks very strong and able to withstand a high level of loading. They also have high fire resistance and no salinity which reduces their maintenance cost.

Benefits of Concrete Building Blocks in nigeria

Concrete blocks are a very useful and popular material to build a construction. Behind its popularity, there are plenty of reasons out there. Some of them are – they are very strong, durable, and affordable. If you are also planning to build a project, project bloc can be a very good choice for your project.

So, let us know the advantages and benefits of concrete building blocks as a building material. Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of concrete building blocks:

There are so many benefits of concrete building blocks. But unusually, people choose concrete blocks for their durability and sustainability.

Also, the cost for concrete blocks is very budget-friendly compared to the other blocks. That is why basically, people go for concrete blocks for their project.

Some basic advantages are described in the following:

The durability:

This is one of the best parts of the concrete building blocks. Usually, when people decide to build a big project, they plan for a long-term project.

As a result, they try to find something that will be durable and strong at the same time. That is why concrete building blocks can be an amazing option for them.

Concrete blocks get stronger over time. And it is not get weakened by the rain, pest, or any other moisturizer. Statistical studies show that hollow concrete blocks are stronger and more durable than any other blocks out there.

Fire resistance:

Another good side of concrete blocks is fire resistance. Usually, when a project is built upon any wooden structure, it is very succumbed to fire. On the contrary, when you will concrete blocks, it will prevent the fire from spreading if something bad happens.

Because generally, concrete blocks are very fire resistant. Furthermore, in industrial projects, the possibility of bad fire events is very high. In that case, using concrete blocks to build that project will be very wise and advisable.


When you need the necessary material to build a project, you may look for them in the local market. If you need something not available in the local market, you may need to import those materials at higher costs because there are transportation and carrying costs.

That is why it is wise to choose something available in the local market. And luckily, you will find the concrete block in your local market. Because in states or counties, concrete blocks are locally manufactured. As a result, you get those heavy concrete materials at very affordable costs.

Color options:

The best part of concrete blocks is that you can customize your project’s color. Before ordering the blocks, you just need to decide the color of your blocks. If you forgot to determine the block’s color, you can also manually paint any color you want.

This is how you can also meet the project requirements. Usually, people use concrete blocks to customize the color options and get a fine finishing. You can also find concrete blocks in various shapes and sizes.


As you have known that when a material is environmentally friendly, it is not cheap. On the other hand, it is not environmentally friendly when it is cheap. But luckily, the concrete blocks are very affordable and environmentally friendly at the same time.

That is why concrete blocks are a very good choice for people who embrace environmentally-friendly choices. Another good part of concrete block is, it is destroyable and recyclable.

As a result, it does not have any bad impact on the environment none whatsoever. And these characteristics make concrete blocks so sustainable to the environment.

Benefits of Concrete building blocks in Nigeria
Wrapping Up

The points mentioned above are just very basic and major advantages of the concrete blocks. There are also some other advantages of it. If you want to explore and know more about it, you can check it out online.

Before going to real-life implications, you should know what types of material you use for your future project. You can also take professional assistance in this regard. Hopefully, this writing helped you understand the advantages of Concrete Building Blocks.

What are the advantages of concrete blocks?

Here we present the main advantages of quality concrete blocks, manufactured by high-tech block making machines:

  • Versatility guaranteed
  • Great performance constructive
  • Uniformity of the blocks
  • Cost reduction
  • Compressive strength
  • Good resistance to fire
  • Assembly quality
  • Acoustic.

What are the disadvantages of concrete blocks?

Disadvantages of Concrete Blocks:

The expense of constructing a residence out of concrete blocks is significantly higher. Some of the blocks may need to be cut to reach critical systems. Concrete block homes aren’t usually attractive from the outside. Over time, concrete blocks may be subject to water seepage.

Why concrete blocks are better than bricks?

Concrete blocks use lesser jointing material due to their larger size. With a more regular shape, they require lesser plastering material. They absorb less water than bricks, thus fully reducing dampness in the walls. They are very economically more feasible.

Concrete block cheaper than brick?

If your main concern is budget limitations, then concrete slabs may be more preferable. They don’t require as much in the way of raw materials, which brings their cost down, whereas bricks can be up to 20% more expensive.

How long do concrete block houses last?

If built properly by professionals, a block construction structure lasts up to 50-80 years.

Can you build a house out of concrete blocks?

An increasing number of builders and homeowners are recognizing the benefits of using concrete blocks as the primary material in the construction of residential homes. A home built out of concrete block provides the homeowner with many benefits, including Quality design flexibility, durability, efficiency, and other benefits.

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