Benefits of buying a Used Car at an Auction in Nigeria

A used car or a pre-owned vehicle is one that has previously had one or more retail owners. Whether you are buying a car for your self or as a gift for your spouse, or you are looking to acquire some cars for resale. It will be a great idea to consider an online car auction sale or an in-person space auction for your purchase.
In Nigeria today used vehicle represent almost half of the nigerian auto retail market and it was the largest retail segment of the economy in 2013.

An estimated 77% of Nigerian consumers buy used cars and the growth of the internet has fueled the availability of information on the prices of these used cars. This type of information was once only available to the in trade dealers and a very few of them at that time had access to it, now there are various sources for used car pricing.

Benefits of buying a Used Car at an Auction in Nigeria

These sites online are really easy to use and they provide the best benefits to choose from to be sincere the benefits are limitless that is because, if you have been to an in-person auction before you will be able to tell your first experience at how amazed you were and the mouth watering prices at which some of these cars are been sold for.

In the course of writing this article Reasons, Benefits, Merits and the Importance of buying cars/vehicle from auctions will be placed together to enable you consider your next buying option through online auction or in-person auction in Nigeria.


Finding an affordable car/vehicle that you love is no longer an imagination, as you can choose to source from an online auction and you can also choose to set a budget and stay within the fixed amount so you do not end up overspending while negotiating the best deals being displayed.

At in-person auctions in Nigeria prices are more cheaper than the online market place as while bids are being made and officials are cutting prices down and cash is being flaunted and instant purchases are being made it is quite a sight i must say and overly a thrilling experience.

While it might not be comfortable for some people it is a whole lot reasonable for others if you consider the prices being paid for to get these vehicles/cars out of the auction house, meanwhile it is a whole different ball game entirely in the online market place as you have to know that multiple sources of used car pricing online means listed values from different sources may differ. Each price guide receiving data/information from different sources and makes different judgements about the data/information.

Lastly, you may be required to use different modes of payment for your purchase, if you have got a good credit score with your bank then you might be able to finance your car option of choice should you be comfortable with going through with an online payment of that range.


Kudos will be giving to the internet and technology at large as through various shipping options, you can purchase used cars for sale in Nigeria and from basically any where in the world.

Sourcing for your car from an online auction is limitless and you do not have to limit your options, the same goes for the in-person vehicle sale as options can not be damped because there are various cars to choose from with great price tags.

Though we do know everything must come to a halt at some point the in-person car sale auction closes at around 6.00pm and starts at 10.00am as the days scheduled for the auction sale.


It is no longer news to the ears that car sales people are notorious for up selling and pressuring customers to overspend on cars they probably do not need or to overspend on luxury features and services they do not give a damn about.

For this reason whenever you mention going down to a dealership to purchase a car to a potential customer, you can sense the anxiety and nervousness in them to make that move with you. It’s not so hard to see why but with online auctions all you need and are required to make a good buy are provided for you on the listing along with warranty information to guide your purchase.

Times have evolved and people don’t really like going through with the hassle of negotiating with a salesperson and going through with the lengthy process. If by any chance you will require assistance there is always a chat box at the bottom left side of the online auction site with someone readily available to assist you with all your concerns in order to help you make better decisions.


At an in-person auction place you will have to be registered as a dealer or known dealer to be able to get in, and if you are not a dealer you wont be able to make any bidding yourself. Upon arrival you might be requested to pay an up front fee to get you registered and to get you inside the auction house.

This does not happen with an online auction sale, all you are required to do is register for an account like all other auction based sites and troll through the options available.

If a car catches your fancy just click and make your bids. Purchasing your dream car in Nigeria and in Africa now comes with ease and at the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose its all with the single touch of a click.


Making a budget to purchase a car is very important and going to an in-person auction sale will give you the best price for your budget, regardless purchasing a car/vehicle doesn’t have to be all that stressful as you can be in comfort and troll online for an online auction site to get limitless best deals you can possibly have access to.

Even if you are looking to purchase 5 vehicles at a go choosing an online auction site in Nigeria is safe.

Here are some used car pricing tips or forms of pricing information

      • Dealer or retail price is the price expected to pay if buying from a used car dealer.
      • Trade-in price or wholesale price is the price a customer should expect to receive from a dealer if trading a car, this is the price a dealer will pay for a car at a dealer wholesale auction.
      • private-party price are prices expected to pay if buying from an individual. Also a private party dealer is hoping to get a little less then they got it or more money than they would trade-in to a real car dealer for. Meanwhile a private buyer wants to pay less than the dealer in retail price.

Things to look out for just in case: There are things to look out for as the market determines the prices of used cars sold by third parties, especially relative to new cars.

You will be sure to know that car dealers are able to put more effort into selling a car therefore creating strong demand, while you should also bear in mind that owners of cars with issues (bozo’s) are more willing to sell their cars/vehicles than owners of perfectly functioning ones.

In perfectly explained term someone buying a third private party used car might bear all the risks of buying a (bozo) and the market price will be adjusted downwards to proof that so thank you for reading and “shine your eyes well well.”

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