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There are few brands for air compressors in africa,very few in nigeria too. But while compressors are used throughout industry, they convert power into potential energy stored in pressurized air. This can be done in different ways. We can classify these ways into three basic packs which are consumer, professional, and industrial modes.

The air compressors are used in various fields of works like in spray painting, heating & air conditioning, engines, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, pressure washing, inflating and the energy sector.The Atlas Copco air compressors mostly used for the marine industry, heavy duty and durable established in 1995 with ISSA highest quality standard.

Atlas Copco Air Compressors & Distributor Contact in Nigeria atl

Just as it is with pumps, air compressors are divided into centrifugal or dynamic or kinetic and positive-displacement types; but where pumps are predominately represented by centrifugal varieties, compressors are more often of the positive- displacement type.

Although compressors are typically rated by horsepower or kilowatts, these measures do not necessarily give any indication of what it will cost to operate the equipment as this is dependent on the efficiency of the machine, its duty cycle.

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand offers different types of air compressor products to ensure that your operation’s productivity level stays up and the energy level stays down. With a long history of quality, reliability and high pressure, the Ingersoll Rand air Compressor is simply great.

Pumping out a very impressive 14.3 CFM at 90 psi, and going all the way up to 175 psi, there is no trouble using this Ingersoll Rand Air compressor to power the whole work space. The Ingersoll Rand air compressors include single-stage and two-stage reciprocating compressors, rotary screw compressors, centrifugal air compressors, oil-free and oil-flooded equipment, PET compressed air solutions, and more.

Most construction sites use large air compressors to power drills, hammers, and compactors. Power from compressed air is essential on remote sites without reliable access to electricity, petrol and diesel as compressed air provides uninterrupted power.

Atlas Copco Air Compressors & Distributor Contact in Nigeria rand

The air quality can have a significant impact on compressed air systems. Choosing Properly treated compressed air – and the right air dryer – will improve productivity, system efficiency, and product or process quality.

Choosing the appropriate compressed air dryer and air compressor filter is very important for operating at your best. Whether you need a refrigerated air dryer, desiccant air dryer, or another air compressor filter or dryer system, Ingersoll Rand is here to help.

By choosing an Ingersoll Rand compressed air dryer or filter, you are buying high-quality treatment equipment that will enhance your entire air compressor system. A compressor dryer is an integral piece in your air treatment system, making Ingersoll Rand’s wide knowledge and expertise in this field a key aspect to the success of your compressed air system.

What to Consider before Purchasing an Air compressor

Know your work environment : Knowing this will help determine whether the drive system should be an electric motor or a gasoline engine. Electric motors are less expensive and require less maintenance. Gasoline engines offer increased portability.

Determine the size of the compressor tank : This depends on the overall nature of the usage. A small tank should prove sufficient for quick, concentrated bursts of usage. Sustaining longer periods of use will require a larger tank.

Determine the tools needed : If you know which tools you need for your business, it will help determine how many psi the compressor should be able to provide.

Determine the horsepower needed :  This information will ensure the compressor can produce enough air. A machine with high horsepower but low CFM will run hot in a shorter service life.

Consider your control systems :  Start/stop systems are helpful for work that doesn’t require continuous air. Constant speed control is ideal if expecting more than six to eight starts per hour. Dual control uses an auxiliary valve that permits a choice between start/stop and constant speed.

Use the right protection : If using a compressor outside, it will need protection against water and extreme temperatures. Cast-iron construction will ensure added reliability and durability.

Choose the right size : Buying a compressor that’s too small can waste time, due to waiting for pressure to build up, and using a compressor that’s too big can waste resources.

Benefits of Purchasing an Air Compressor in Nigeria

With OBITEX, you can count on reliability and high performance for even the most demanding applications. They focus their efforts on the following:

  • Increasing uptime
  • Reducing unexpected repairs
  • Improving the cleanliness of compressed air
  • Reducing energy consumption

An air compressor can function at high temperatures and in locations where explosions and fire hazards restrict other forms of energy. Air can be generated on site, so there’s more control over usage and air quality.

Also, air compressors can run tools and equipment that generate more power than normal tools. When using pneumatic tools, an air compressor becomes a vital part of your operation.

The most popular compressors are positive displacement compressors, which work by filling a chamber with air and then reducing volume. Positive displacement compressors include reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane compressors. Although reciprocating compressors are the most widely available on the market, rotary compressors are most useful in industrial environments.

Air Compressor Distributor Contact in Nigeria

As a leading supplier of quality replacement machinery parts in Nigeria, OBITEX Enterprise stocks and distributes spare CAT Parts for earthmoving and mining machines.  While,air compressor pumps can also be used to inflate vehicle and bicycle tyres, balloons, air beds, and other inflatables with compressed air
Atlas Copco Air Compressors & Distributor Contact in Nigeria compr

OBITEX supplies the air compressor parts and accessories for your entire compressor product line to ensure they are OEM-quality. The company  has an array of parts and accessories such as replacement parts, rubber coupling, pressure switches, air filters, and oil and lubricants to fit all of your commercial and industrial compressor models.

All Oil drilling relies on air compressors for functionality in the energy sector. Safe and dependable air compressed drilling equipment in oil rig operations is imperative to the safety of the crew. Air compressed oil drilling equipment is unique with their spark-free delivery and stable outputs.

Some of the common applications and industries that utilize compressors include the following:

  • Truck and vehicle-mounted compressors
  • Medical and Dental applications
  • Laboratory and specialty gas compression
  • Food and beverage processing applications
  • Oil & Gas applications

Atlas Copco Air Compressors & Distributor Contact in Nigeria atlas co

OBITEX supply high-quality aftermarket Atlas copco air compressors, caterpillar spares to our worldwide customer base, alongside their excellent standard of customer service.They are a one-stop-shop for replacement products and the company prides their products to be a genuine alternative, offering value for money.

Distributor Contact : OBITEX Enterprise


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