Artificial Carpet grass in Nigeria

Using artificial turfs and cutting edge technologies to offer environmental aesthetics is just as good as seeing wearable tech becoming one of the most popular trend in wellness today. The Artificial grass has applications other than sports and landscaping.

Artificial Carpet grass in Nigeria

This artificial grass indoor decorations has become a popular trend among the Tech offices in Nigeria featuring bold details and bright colors -Design flick which can be made into Artificial lawns / Turf Grass with premium quality For Balcony, Doormat, Turf Carpet and high fixing.

Just as a lot of individuals call this the franton rug, it is mostly called artificial turf and it has evolved overtime as its use over light tops flooring ideas which are cost effective.


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Getting design ideas that change the way you look at things, like the new software and hardware development offices for example ¬†company” paysafe” which is located somewhere in Nigeria.

The artificial grass is very resilient and with the proper care and attention to it can enable the grass last upwards up to 20years. The fact that it requires no maintenance is often overstated. Regardless of how many times it is said, minimal maintenance is one of the key benefits of artificial turf

Artificial Carpet grass in Nigeria

Walt Quality Artificial Grass Tech carpet design and fixing. luxemberg will be putting greens for the soccer pitch, golf course, basket fall, hockey, lawn and walkways. Artificial turfs and cutting edge technologies will be used to present numerous designs.

Benefits of Artificial Carpet Grass in Nigeria

The benefits of artificial turf/grass begin to stand out when you compare it to natural grass. Most homeowners are discovering that artificial turf allows them to maintain a beautiful lawn.

Where natural grass can fade and die in shaded areas, artificial turf requires no direct sunlight. Synthetic turf works well in shade because it will maintain its color and size with or without sunlight and water.

Artificial Carpet grass in Nigeria

Other Benefits of the Artificial Grass are :

  • It is cost effective
  • It is drought resistant
  • It is great for recreational areas
  • The grass is safe for kids
  • No grass stains

In the case of the drought resistant, The only water an artificial turf lawn requires is to be rinsed occasionally to prevent odors and a build up of dust. Otherwise, synthetic turf needs no water and is ideal for areas in which drought conditions can be severe.

Distributors of Artificial Carpet Grass in Nigeria

The carpet grass are distributed nationwide by Fox Turf Interiors who are africa’s leading importers of premium quality carpets, artificial grass carpets. Get the best deals as wholesale and retail sales are limitless.

More people these days are opting for synthetic grass in their gardens because they require minimal upkeep. They can also work well in a small space and for people who find garden maintenance difficult or expensive. Artificial grass doesn’t need to be mowed and you get a green lawn all year round.

Make your wallpapers with the artificial carpet grass, As they offer quality artificial grass with 10years at the back of it. They also install and supply nationwide. Fox Turf Interiors are the authorized distributors and manufactures, and as well markets innovative, decorative and sustainable flooring solutions.

We develop specific artificial grass flooring solutions to meet every single indoor market application need: housing, healthcare, education, retail, industry, offices, food and transport vehicles.


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