Apple Iphone 11, 11Pro, 11 Pro Max: Which Is The Best?

Purchasing an Apple Iphone 11 right now is a good idea if you are looking out for a change or perhaps an upgrade, you are in luck. obviously the best iphones to purchase at the moment are the latest versions. In this post we will talk about  the top iphones to choose from with specific details about each one to assist you in making the best decision.


Apple Iphone 11, 11Pro, 11 Pro Max: Which Is The Best?

The iphone 11 has an edge-to-edge display with slim bezels and no Home button, adopting a notch at the top for the TrueDepth camera system. with an A13 bionic that is so powerful, everything you do is super fast and sleek. it also works in the most power efficient way possible. This is to enable your battery last longer. In fact, to get you excited and move you to swipe your card you should know that the A13 bionic is so advanced, it is years ahead of the pack.

The iphone 11 is the thirteenth generation lower priced iphone, it has the IOS 13 and a good screen size of 6.1″ with 828 x 1792 screen resolution, and it also has a 4GB suitable for online gamers. you will like to know that with an amazing picture quality of 12mp this is a handheld device that will make you glow. so if you prefer an apple brand that can do just about anything then the iphone 11 might just be what you need.


Apple Iphone 11, 11Pro, 11 Pro Max: Which Is The Best?

While people where making a fuss about the IPHONE 11 PRO upon release, The Resolution of this Device is something to be really excited about as it can identify non genuine displays and show that alert in IOS Settings>General>About. Having being designed,tested and manufactured with apple quality standards that provide proper functioning and responsiveness for every aspect, such as brightness,color accuracy, True Tone,Haptic Touch and Night shift. The camera quality is a real upgrade than the device talked about above,it is user friendly and it weighs at about 188G with a smaller screen at about 5.8″ in full. This device received an overall score of the chart as its ranking puts it as the second-best smartphone camera in the world with a positive reception by end users especially through the Deep Fusion feature which will take advantage of AI and machine learning for image processing. There is a Burst mode, image stabilization, HDR and a portrait mode with supporting advanced effect. The front camera enhances stabilized 4K video recording up to 60fps. seeing that a slow motion video recording to the front camera in 1080p at up to 120 fps was added a feature which Apple named “slofies”.with little similarities to previous iphone models, Video can be captured with multiple cameras at the same time, through the multi camera recording feature.

The IPHONE 11 PRO comes with three internal storage options which are the 64GB, 512GB, 256GB and this exceptional handheld device model is rated IP68 water resistant , with a resistant for 30 minutes at 4meters depth. It also comes with wired Ear pods with a lighting connector. The iphone 11 pro is the first iphone to be sold with an 18watt fast charger so if you love to play online games then this is the device for you, the warranty does not cover any water damage to the phone. There are beautiful colors to choose from when making a decision to purchase this device the Gold, Sliver, Space Gray and Midnight Green which is a new color previously not available on iphones are all available.


Apple Iphone 11, 11Pro, 11 Pro Max: Which Is The Best?

A device weighing 226G in total and an IOS 13, with a 6.5″ screen and resolution ranging at about 1242 x 2688. You will agree with me that this is the best phone on the market right now. with the design downright intimidating it looks like something from space with signals to make the world a better place, the IPHONE 11 PRO MAX  has the toughest glass in a smartphone. It can not be compared with the iphone 11 or the galaxy note 10 plus as there is a huge difference in brightness between them when placed side by side, the iphone 11 pro max’s 6.5-inch super Retina XDR display outshines them all with a margin. yes with a margin because this is a device i will purchase with my own funds. Think about this while you are shooting with the standard camera, The IPHONE 11 PRO MAX  camera interface shows you a real live preview outside the screen of what can be fixed in a shot if you engaged ultra-wide mode. it has an extraordinary touch and you can find yourself switching to that mode a lot of times  while taking your pictures just to get a more dramatic shot.

Another Big feature of the IPHONE 11 PRO MAX is the Night mode, this kicks in automatically when the device detects more than 10 lux of available light. It has got an amazing speed difference for those online gamers who love ASPHALT 9 this device is legendary.


With a starting price of $1,099 its far from cheap

A screen resolution of 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR Display (2688 x 1242)

The CPU  is an A13 Bionic

Looking at some Credible Storage of 64GB, 256GB, 512GB

An amazing rear camera with 12-MP wide (f/1.8), 12-MP wide (f/2.4), 12-MP telephoto (f/2.0)

View the front camera at 12-MP (f/2.2)

True to the longest battery life (Hrs.Mins)  :  11:54

SIZE : 6.22 x 3.06 x 0.32 inches

The IPHONE 11 PRO MAX will satisfy most buyers and give you value for your money, it is quite big so if you have got small hands gear up this is the phone for you.


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