Actolog Solutions Specifications in Nigeria

Actolog Solutions Ltd has deployed UPS solution to over 1000 locations across nigeria and west African subregion to power heavy duty equipment like elevators, manufacturing plants, hospital equipment as well as regular ICT loads.

With great after sales support, their top UPS solution has performed exceptionally where other UPS brands have failed.
Actolog Solutions Specifications in Nigeria

The Actolog Benefits Include ;

  • Best UPS for elevator, heavy duty and industrial load
  • Best after sales support see vice in Nigeria
  • Prompt product delivery fastest in the industry
  • 48 hour equipment replacement guaranty
  • Price flexibility to meet customer’s need
  • One stop solution design and implementation
  • Local stock of equipment and spares
  • Well trained in house engineers
  • High long term return on investment
  • Offices / engineers in the 3 major business hubs of the country (Nigeria) with business out post in Ghana


10KVA – 8MVA
3.3 phase/ 3.1 phase

10 – 1000 KVA
10 – 30 KVA
3:3 phase / 3:1 phase

  • Telecommunications
  • Critical ICT Loads
  • Heavy Industrial Loads
  • Data Center
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Emergency

Innovative 3 Level Technology

LEVELUPS Series with innovative 3 level top technology is true on line double conversion, three phase UPS system that provides one of the highest level energy efficiencies in the industry.

Three level inverter & rectifier quality design LEVELUPS Series brings the newest power conversion technology and delivers efficiency up to 96% at 50-75% load operation which is the most common operating range.


  • True three level rectifier and inverter technology
  • Ultra high energy efficiency
  • Full rated power factor kW = KVA

Actolog Solutions Specifications in Nigeria

Boxers Series

10 / 15 / 20 KVA
3:3 phase
Online UPS


  • High frequency and True double conversion
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processors) Technology
  • Input power factor correction (PFC)
  • Wide input voltage range (110~300V)
  • Output power factor 0.9
  • Cold start
  • Auto sensing frequency
  • ECO mode operation for energy saving
  • Selectable output voltage via LCD
  • 50Hz / 60Hz Frequency Converter Mode available
  • Selectable battery low voltage via LCD
  • Power on self test
  • Advanced battery management (ABM)
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Automatically charging battery at UPS off mode
  • Fan Speed Auto Control when load varies
  • Generator compatible
  • Emergency power off (EPO)
  • Standard RS232 Communication port
  • USB / SNMP Communication port
  • Extension Battery Bank
  • Manual Bypass
  • N + X redundancy Parallel


400 – 2000 KVA
Dynamic UPS

Robust Rotary Technology

The RBT system consists of a standard quality synchronous generator with no special windings and a simple steel flywheel. The low speed shaft extends bearing life and reduces full maintenance.

The ROTABLOC machine is very robust as critical functions do not use fragile components such as power electronics, power capacitors, electro chemical batteries, active magnetic bearings, electro mechanical or mechanical friction clutches.


  • Total Power Failure Protection
  • Outstanding voltage conditioning
  • Unrivaled lowest total cost of ownership
  • Electrical coupling with existing or new genset

Boxer Series

10 – 120 KVA
10 – 30 KVA
3:3 phase / 3:1 phase online UPS

  • Elevators / Escalators
  • Regenerative elevators
  • Heavy industrial loads
  • Data centers
  • Transport
  • Emergency

DSP Power Factor Corrected IGBT Rectifier

Equipped with its new IGBT rectifier boxer series keeps your critical loads protected while it’s space saving compact design and front access for maintenance successfully reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

Thanks to the wide variety of accessories and options boxer series presents maximum flexibility advantage to users and optimizes total cost of ownership.


  • IGBT PWM Rectifier & Inverter Technology
  • Low input current THD (<3%) High input power factor (>0.99)

Actolog Solutions Nigeria provides complete energy solutions that guarantee power quality for all critical applications.

They supply, install and maintain some of the best brands of UPS and Power Protection Equipment in Nigeria through it’s partnership with world leading manufacturer (MAKELSAN).

Actolog Solutions supplies, fully install and maintain some of the best brands of UPS and Power Protection Equipment in Nigeria. Their UPS’s are rugged and fit to meet your workload

Makelsan product range varies from Static & Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Servo & Static Voltage Regulators to Renewable Energy Products, DC Power Supply, Telecom Equipments, Battery Chargers, Inverters and Datacenter Solutions.
Actolog Solutions Specifications in Nigeria

Actolog Careers

Business Executives


  • Develop and implement marketing plan to promote organization’s products and ensure achievement of her business objectives..
  • Develop and manage extensive corporate client portfolio
  • Liaise with required officers to establish and achieve expected targets.
  • To ensure the establishment and implementation of Actolog’s product’s advertising, sales promotion and marketing research objectives.
  • Ready to meet set marketing targets/goalst
  • Work with the Marketing manager to coordinate the activities of marketing unit to ensure effective implementation of commercial policies and guidelines
  • Any other duties as may be assigned to you from time to time
  • Minimum of 2 years ICT/Datacenter
  • Marketing experience
  • A minimum First Degree related field.

Contact  : HQ (NIGERIA)

Lagos State
Port Harcourt
Email :
Website :

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