A Top Review Every Student Should Know Before Going Into the University

There is this feeling you get when you just realize that you have been admitted into the university/college. It is an exciting feeling you know, it brings so much thrill and chills down your spine most especially if you just got out of high school/secondary school.

I was never really that excited when it was my turn to get into college/university, i mean i was nervous hell yeah! because i didn’t know what to expect, but i got in with good faith and i guess i turned out alright.

With that been said, if you are a student and you are about to go into the university, you have got to get your self prepared. Both mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Not in the sense of being all religious and all that stuff but, a heightened level of good morals, kindness, empathy and compassion you know what i mean.

Wether you are going into a federal university, state university or private university these all apply to each and every student.

Every thing you encounter and every thing you do will shape and make you for the real life ahead so preparations and transparency are key factors that come into play here note that cos it’s very important you know these things.

You will be by yourself, you will cook for yourself , you will fend for yourself and you will protect your self in all sense of the word “protect”. Not every one is going to like you, so just be who you are and learn to find your true self, earn because believe me there are a lot of wicked people in the world.

I know this might be a lot to take in and a bit scary as you might want to stop reading through and i totally understand it, I mean no one is going to judge you if you close this page and stop reading this article.

Your accommodation will be nothing like what you are used to, reasons being that its a university and shit is real down there. Some students often get homesick within the first three weeks of stay, which is totally fine and happens to most students just that every one deals with their in their various ways.

As for making yourself comfortable and making your university feel like home, you can decorate your room just like the one in your parental home. This will help you well in settling down and getting used to your new environment.

A Top Review Every Student Should Know Before Going Into the University

Ensure to make good friends that can last a life time, be observant enough to spot bad attitudes in other students and run for your dear life. If you don’t do that you will fall off and it won’t look good in any way.

Be diligent and humble, cheerful and joyous all the time. Never complain always show good courage, and if you feel something is not working right for you maybe a course or a facilitator acting out, do not be afraid to talk to the higher authorities about it they are the most kind people you’ll find in the four walls of a university.

i say this boldly because most lecturers are fucked up they don’t know what it means to be a teacher. in advanced countries like America teaching, being a lecturer or professor is a gift from God because you impact a lot into people all year round 365.

It is highly unfortunate that in Africa it is a whole different ball game entirely. So if you require a change ensure to make a change do not be afraid and do not care what people will think about you because 99% of them do not really care.

They probably just need someone to talk about in order to feel good about their all smooth moving pathetic lives. The workload and pressure of studies will be higher than ever. And your facilitators/lecturers will assign you a lot of assignments to submit, and they are compulsory if your goal is to get good grades. You’ll also have to write high-quality essays and academic papers because most courses will require that.

i had ($2 billion USD) in a foreign trust fund account and i lived and studied in a 3rd world country for seven years, you can not begin to start placing the puzzles of watching different people and their behaviors now that i’m thinking about all that happened wow .. its quite a lot pssh.

Yeah back to you! so while you are going into college/university you’ve got to own a laptop no kidding it is a must have for projects, data storage, music and anything that makes you comfortable.

All these things necessitate a reliable laptop or computer, which will perform all your important tasks. Moreover, you’ll be needing a storage space for storing your academic papers and notes, and what can be a better option than a portable and easy to carry a laptop?

Ensure you try out a lot of stuffs be it dancing, football, lawn tennis, e- gaming , modeling, e-commerce a lot of stuff because you do not know what you want to do with your life trust me, regardless of what ever it is you are studying. Try A lot of stuff i can’t stress this enough.

Never put too much trust in people as majority of the time they end up screwing you over and the most crazy part of it is that they do it for sport or fun what ever that means.

Be the truth because when you do lol, they won’t want you, they will not want to be around you or want to have anything to do with you. But you’ve got to stay that way till they find their way back to you of which they always always do why, it is because you’ve got money. it’s as simple as that.

Keep your head down, read your books, find love if you can, make good friends that will last a life time and impact value in your life, be thankful and grateful and lastly EARN !!!!

you better find a way. thank you



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