10 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Laptop in Nigeria

Learn the mistakes to avoid when purchasing a laptop in Nigeria, As we all know after some certain amount of years we all need to go in search of and shop around for a new laptop. The amazing thing about this is that as technology evolves and our needs for technology also change, guess what so does our device specification, brand and device type also change with the tide. Its just so funny how our use for technology changes while our decision making skill don’t change. Before you buy any laptop do yourself a favor to save you money, heartache and resentment towards individuals who do not mind swindling you of your funds and giving you crap. So we have made a list of tips on mistakes to avoid when you have made the decision to purchase a new laptop.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Laptop in Nigeria


Regardless of the fact that you must have used some laptops in the past, this does not mean that when you finally decide to purchase a new one you will consider choosing price over what you need like most people do and they eventually end up eating their fingers in regret. The market is full of different types of laptops with unbelievable price tags attached to them, I can’t stress this enough don’t try saving a few funds by choosing to pick up the laptop with the best deal in the store. Remember that you will need a personal computer (pc) that comes with a good sized hard drive, Also if you deal with a large number of files and documents or you will be running on some tasking power consumption software that will be your go to file regularly then the hard drive speed is going to be important as well. A wise saying i picked up from somewhere goes like this “Never you loose sacred things of life on the altar of cheapness.” What this means is for you to be fully aware that cheaper laptops/personal computers (pc) are made with large hard drives by manufacturers with very bad reputations to keep the price down. Lastly, when trolling e-commerce stores online to purchase a laptop subdue the excitement and ignore the boxes displaying the prices instead select the hardware and specification you know you need. This will go a long way to assist you in making the best decision to choose the right device for your use.


We all have experienced this one way or the other, as i have said before these salesmen/sales pitchers are not on your side. Make no mistake as your job is to confound the salesmen just as they do to you. do not show any sign of weakness, you can get them excited by asking questions you know they can not answer and while you do that watch them move their eyes rigorously as they call out another salesperson to attend to you. To save you time and stress have a clear knowledge about the product you want before going into the store, If they continue to put pressure on you to purchase any product through whatever means possible even if it means jeopardizing their faith all in the name of the almighty and whatever religious institution they attend just walk away and move to the next store to ask for the product you require and lastly never be in a haste always show calmness during conversation with the sales pitchers.


When shopping for a new (pc) personal computer/ laptop be diligent enough to shop for specifications and not brands. Do not think because you saw the fancy laptop online and you think its cute, pay close attention to the screen resolution, the hardware installed in it and the processor speed. what you see is not all there is most of the times so if you have got a laptop that is less fancy and it costs a certain amount of money, without overheating after two hours of use then go ahead and purchase that one. Always bear in mind “quality over everything.”

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Laptop in Nigeriatechng


The screen resolution plays an essential role in the overall quality of the laptop. When it comes to displays, there are HD, FHD, and 4k models. An HD display resolution gives 1280 x 720, while the FHD gives 1920 x 1080. The 4k models offers 3840 x 2160 pixels with these types of screen resolutions the display impacts the users experience greatly. we do know this scenario when you go into a store and you a presented with a laptop with the reflective surface looking all polished and eye-catching, but what you do not take note of is the amount of daylight bright lamps placed directly over your head. I do not know where this marketing skimmed process came from meanwhile it is quite true that this doesn’t happen always but what this glossy screens end up giving you is highly disheartening and terrible whenever you open a web page. Use the regular screens without gloss so you see what you are doing while operating the laptop.


Emphasis are always being made for people to do their due diligence before going to into the local store and expecting the salesmen to assist you in selecting the laptop/personal computer (pc) you’ll need. So take advantage of the online space and do your research to avoid stories that touch, as we fondly say always look before you leap while you do that the first thing you have to be sure of is what you want to use your new laptop for, if you are not going to be running hardcore applications then the NVidia is not for you. But if you only plan on surfing the web then take an opportunity with the latest tablets out there you do not need a laptop.


You just can not make this mistake, you just cant choose a laptop because of its size and you end up spending a lot of money an avoid checking its durability. If you are always traveling and on the go you will require a smaller laptop to carry around with ease, know that smaller laptops tend to have heating issues and they have lower grade hardware. The more durable it is the more it lasts longer, Say no to size over durability.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Laptop in Nigeria


For the multitude of people who feel they need a size able amount of RAM, everyone knows that a higher numbers of RAM on a laptop means better device equipment when it comes to technology. These days RAM sticks come in thousands daily but you have to know that just as makers of personal computers (pc)/laptops place a huge amount of storage space to generate higher sales experience, many of them will do the same by overloading systems with RAM. so be very careful about what you place your focus on while attempting to purchase your new laptop.


If you use a laptop it is going to heat up, a laptop cooler or a chill mat as it is called is an accessory that helps in reducing the operating temperature which is usually used when the laptop is unable to sufficiently cool itself. Laptops get hot, its inevitable laptop coolers are intended to protect both the laptop from overheating and the user from suffering heat related discomfort and avoid skin damage. invest in a cooling pad and save your health and your wallet some few funds reserved. Also do not place your laptop on your thigh to avoid health issues.


Purchasing what you do not need is what everyone seeks to avoid when in search of a laptop, spending way much than you need to is going to be a problem eventually if you end up buying the most fancy of laptops and it ends up being the wrong one. Do not buy a laptop because it looks cool and has got RGB colored keyboards always purchase what you need and not what you are being sold so you do not end up burning funds unnecessarily.


You just purchased a laptop/personal computer (pc) and you are been given an extended warranty which is supposed to cover damages or loss and the salesperson only gave a warranty of 2weeks of which this means the warranty already expired before any issues arises, yes! i totally agree with you extended warranties are useless.


we have taking the initiative to answer some questions you might have before you decide to purchase your new laptop. This should be helpful to you if some of the questions below are what you have in mind.


Before you buy a new laptop check the size, if portability is a priority then you should consider a laptop with a smaller screen. Also check the screen, CPU, RAM , storage and connectivity.


To know if the laptop you want to purchase is new or refurbished check the laptop’s serial number at the back of the machine or in the battery compartment area depending on the model of the laptop. Open the command prompt and type c:>wmic bios get serial number, compare the BIOS serial number with the chassis serial number. if the device is not the same as the serial number and name is displayed then the device maybe refurbished.

10 mistakes


After reading this article, i hope it aids you in making the best decision before you purchase your new laptop/personal computer(pc) thank you for taking your time to absorb this information.

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